Workshop: The Sezzion 2017

The Sezzion 2017

Future platform for Nordic and Baltic musicians

Young musicians – give your musical career a boost! – The Sezzion 4 days with masterclasses, workshops, jams and concerts

You will meet a lot of Nordic and Baltic fellow musicians and 5 talented world class instructors who will take good care of you during your stay.

The Sezzion is focused mainly on improvisational and related music within the rythmic genre. Don’t miss your chance of becoming a future Nordic/Baltic musician.


Josefin Lindstrand (SE) - Piano
Tobias Dall Mikkelsen (DK) - Bass
Anna Gréta Sigurðardóttir (IS) - Piano
Thomas Backman (SE) - Saxophone
Read more about the teachers and listen to the their music at


Admission fee is 100€ and includes accommodation, food, return travel from your nearest major town, 4 days with masterclasses, rehearsal and a final concert.


The registration is now open! For musicians between 15 and 23 years of age residing in the Nordic or Baltic countries. Deadline August 31st 2017. Apply at



For more information please contact:
Director Jacob M Haagendal:
+358 (0)40 160 93 00  /  jacob.haagendal(a)

Organiser Nordens Institut på Åland in collaboration with Ålands musikinstitut.

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