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New biodiversity targets must set the bar high

The loss of biodiversity is one of the biggest challenges facing mankind. The Nordic ministers for the environment now want to set the bar high and ensure that the voice of young people is heard in negotiations for new UN targets.

Report: the time is right to promote the Nordic “peace” brand

The momentum and willingness are growing for the Nordic countries to work even more closely together on peace and conflict resolution. Opportunities are available right now to boost the “Nordic peace brand”, according to a new Nordic report.

More women needed in high-tech jobs

More women technicians and engineers will be needed in the labour market of the future. Unless something is done to address the issue soon, new technology will be designed almost exclusively by men. The Nordic labour ministers have launched a research project to look at ways to balance out recruitment to engineering and technology subjects.

Nordic Region inspires ILO to pursue equal pay and lifelong learning

“The best thing about the Nordic labour model is that it works!” These were the words of Guy Ryder, Director General of the ILO, when he met the Nordic ministers for labour in Reykjavik on Wednesday. Although the Nordic countries have some work ahead of them if they are to maintain a high level of education, social justice, and financial security in tomorrow’s labour market, they have begun to take important steps for lifelong learning.

Early childhood education and care – the foundation for life

Many other countries look to the Nordic model of preschool provision with its inclusive, universal and unique combination of care, play and learning. Early childhood education and care (ECEC) is the most important building block for the learning of the future in the Nordic Region. It is crucial to guarantee high quality and investment in the conditions under which children grow up.

THE ESSENTIAL IMAGE Photojournalism - why and how?

With the financial support from the Nordic Council of Ministers it has been made possible to translate and publish a Russian version of Søren Pagter’s book “The Essential Image”.


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