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Closer co-operation on societal security

The Nordic countries ought to work more closely together on societal security, according to a strategy proposal adopted unanimously by the Nordic Council at its Session in Stockholm. The new strategy includes several specific proposals which can now be fleshed out.

Nordic bid to host Women’s World Cup in football

The Nordic Council has given its backing to a joint bid by the countries to host the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2027. The move followed a presentation by six national football associations during the Session of the Nordic Council in Stockholm.

Here are the winners of the 2019 Nordic Council Prizes

Jonas Eika, Kristin Roskifte, May el-Toukhy, Maren Louise Käehne, Caroline Blanco, René Ezra, and Gyða Valtýsdóttir have been announced as winners of the 2019 Nordic Council Prizes at an awards ceremony broadcast live from the Stockholm Concern Hall on Tuesday evening. Greta Thunberg chose not to accept the Nordic Council Environment Prize in protest at a lack of climate action.

Queen of Hearts wins the 2019 Nordic Council Film Prize

The film Queen of Hearts (Dronningen) from Denmark has won the 2019 Nordic Council Film Prize. The film explores the making of a tragic family secret step-by-step, as the consequences of hubris, lust, and lies conspire to create an unimaginable dilemma.

Gyða Valtýsdóttir wins the 2019 Nordic Council Music Prize

Icelandic performer and multi-instrumentalist Gyða Valtýsdóttir has won the 2019 Nordic Council Music Prize for her distinctive vocals, instrumental inventiveness, and highly personal charm underline a dignified craftsmanship.

“The Nordic Region can again overcome adversity”

Within the unique context of the annual Session of the Nordic Council, one question put to the Norwegian Prime Minister by a Danish parliamentarian in the Swedish parliament was: “Will Norway use any of its oil fund billions to support the green transition in developing countries?” The Nordic summit began on Tuesday afternoon with a meeting of all the Nordic prime ministers in Stockholm.

Closer co-operation on the marine environment

The Nordic climate and environment ministers have signed a new declaration to ensure that our seas remain sustainable, to boost the marine economy and to minimise the impact of climate change.

New Presidency focuses on Vision 2030

Working Together on Solutions for the Future is both the title and the ambition for the joint Danish, Greenlandic and Faroese Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers 2020. The programme seeks to implement the Council of Ministers’ new Vision 2030, i.e. to make the Nordic region the most sustainable and integrated region in the world.

Show the way on emissions from shipping

The Nordic region is a global player in the shipping industry. This leading position also entails responsibility. It is time to show the way and take responsibility for emissions from shipping, according to the Nordic Council Committee for Growth and Development in the Nordic Region, which proposes an initiative involving all of the Nordic nations.

Nordic funding for Russian-language media in the Baltic countries

The Russian-speaking minorities of the Baltic countries are increasingly dependent on media content from Russia. Considering the social integration of linguistic minorities, this is a worrying trend. Since 2015, the Nordic Council of Ministers has funded independent Russian-language media outlets in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Best of Norden in Stockholm

Literature, film, music and sustainability are all on the programme for the annual Best of Norden festival, which starts on Sunday at the Film House in Stockholm. Many of the nominees for the Nordic Council prizes feature in the programme, which includes discussions, readings, music and unique introductions to films before they are screened. The Nordic Film Weekend runs at the same time at other venues in the region.

17 projects will promote the Nordics globally

Nordic trust in Russia, equality in Argentina and China, Nordic films in Morocco, and Nordic rock stars in a US desert. These are just some of an array of projects that have received financial support from the Nordic Council of Ministers to promote common Nordic values around the world.

Where there is a will, there is a way

The lack of holistic solutions for Nordic transport infrastructure hampers mobility, competitiveness and profitability. It also makes it more difficult to achieve the Prime Ministers’ vision of making the Nordic region the most sustainable and integrated region in the world, according to the Nordic Council and business leaders.

Awards ceremony for Nordic Council prizes to be broadcast live from Stockholm on 29 October

The Nordic Council prizes will be awarded on 29 October at the Stockholm Concert Hall. The awards ceremony, hosted by Jessika Gedin, will be broadcast live. The winners will be handed their prizes by Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, environmental activist Noura Berrouba, author Johannes Anyuru, actor Lene Cecilia Sparrok, and conductor and former winner Susanna Mälkki.

Parliamentarians and prime ministers to discuss the climate

Nordic parliamentarians, the prime ministers and a range of other ministers are to meet during the Session of the Nordic Council in Stockholm, 29–31 October. Top of the agenda are sustainability and climate change, but security issues will also be discussed. The guest speaker will be Michael Tjernström, one of Sweden's most respected climate scientists.

Brussels welcomes Nordic culture

Over the three fall months of 2019, Brussels will play host to more than 400 Nordic artists and creative practitioners. Organised by one of Europe’s most influential cultural institutions, BOZAR, Nordic Fall will explore the creative aspects of areas like sustainability, youth involvement, the Arctic, and equality through artistic expressions including music, literature, and film.

Nordic Nutrition Recommendations 2022: join in the work

Experts from the Nordic region and beyond are now being invited to participate in an open collaboration on the 2022 edition of the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations, which form the basis for nutrition policies and dietary guidelines in all of the Nordic countries. Everybody is invited to play their part in the process, either by submitting suggestions for themes and nutrients to be covered by the literature review, applying to act as a scientific expert, or commenting during the project.


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