Culture on sustainability

The Nordic institute on Åland (NIPÅ) is a cultural institute under the Nordic Council of Ministers, which works actively with the 2030 vision for a sustainable Nordic region. We embrace this in a variety of ways, on as well project-, organizational and a strategic level. We engage and promote projects where sustainability is in focus both conceptually and practically. We strongly believe that culture can build bridges. Through art and culture, we get eye openers, aha-experiences, food for thought and valuable points of conversation that enriches us and increase our common understanding of the current situation and what we can do in order to make a change. In this way, we can work together, in an even broader and more efficient way, for a sustainable future.

We work actively to enrich Åland with culture from all over the Nordic region and to enrich the Nordic region with culture from Åland. We work to promote Åland's participation in Nordic cultural co-operations and advise project entrepreneurs and cultural workers to extend their possibilites to realize their Nordic cultural work.

Here we have gathered some quotes, where representatives from the field of culture speaks about sustainability. Here you can see a variety of voices, with everything from Åland's Minister of Culture, officials, partners and cultural entrepreneurs of various kinds. With one thing incommon. They all reflect on how and why culture has an important role for a more sustainable future.

NIPÅ is a co-actor in the sustainability network "bärkraft" and contributes to the realization of Åland's vision: "Everyone can prosper in a sustainable society on the islands of peace".

Picture of Minna Öberg, artist Åland
Minna Öberg, artist

I start with myself

I always try to have the idea of sustainability with me. In my own work, I like to use old, used objects and more

Picture of Micke Larsson, General Secretary of the Development and Sustainability Council in the Bärkraft Network, where NIPÅ is an active participant
Micke Larsson, General Secretary of the Development and Sustainability Council in the Bärkraft Network

A sustainable society where everyone can flourish

In our time, we are opening the door to the flowering season, a room whose atmosphere and contours we have gradually begun to create. A sustainable society where everyone can flourish. A person who flourishes is free, especially in the sense of choosing his own way of more

Picture of Annika Hambrudd
Annika Hambrudd, Minister och education and culture, Government of Åland

Culture and the arts play an important role in building a sustainable future

Culture and art play an important role in building a sustainable future. It creates places for self-reflection, identification, belonging, beauty, perspective and debate. It is not uncommon for culture and art to give birth to new ideas in our more

Picture of costume and fashion designer Matilda Karlström and Irina Fisun.
Matilda Karlström, costume and fashion designer

The dilemma - to work with textiles. To produce garments, to a world full of garments.

"In my garments, I work with the material available. I am interested in what someone else has deselected. I give the material a second more

Picture of Anton Johansson, Kim Jansson. Linnea Sundblom
Anton Johansson, Kim Jansson, musicians Åland. Linnea Sundblom, actor. Stockholm

Art can help us open our thoughts, our consciousness

“Music and art play a very important role in order to showi people what is possible to do with old things and rubbish. There is a lot of music in everyday life, if you learn to listen. ” more

Picure of Lisa Schåman and Karolin Nyman
Lisa Schåman and Karolin Nyman, dancers

" recycle the denotative elements and connotative sediments in an existing visual work of art..."

"How the green thread of the NIPÅ projects was included in Moving pARTs, I think adopted both practical and philosophical more

Picture of Alfons Röblom, Minister of Development
Alfons Röblom, Minister of Development, Åland

Art experiences keep us alert

"Education in performing arts and art is an investment for society. From theater schools, art academies and other art schools, we get men and women who work to express the deeply human perspecitve. The perspecitves that today´s fast society many times forget, or don´t more

Anders Mogensen, professional drummer, teacher and orchestra leader
Anders Mogensen, professional drummer, teacher and orchestra leader

"It's time we, touring musicians, think about what makes sense for the environment"

"We live in the aftermath of Corona, and with an absolutely urgent agenda to preserve the planet. It's time we, touring musicians, think about what makes sense for the environment, not just for our personal ambitions and more

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