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To give you as a visitor a good experience of our websites, we use information about your visit to in order to continuously improve our website, functionality and communication. Here you can read more about what information we collect, how we handle the information, what we use it for and how you contact us in case of questions about cookies and data protection.


We use cookies which is a small text file that is stored on your computer, tablet or mobile. Cookies are used to maintain information when navigating different pages of a site and then returning to the site.

Cookies do not contain personal information and cannot be used to run programs or send viruses to your computer.

Cookies are used, for example, to give us the opportunity to improve our website and to continuously improve functionality, web analytics and marketing.

Cookies cannot contain malicious code for your communications platform.

Visitors to our site agree that we use cookies because the browser is set to allow cookies to be received. It is possible for you to make settings on your computer that prevents us from placing cookies on your computer. Look for the help function in your browser for information on how to change the cookie settings. You can delete all cookies yourself from your hard drive. You do this in your browser's settings. Changing these settings may mean that some features of our sites will not work.

Here you can read more about how you can handle cookies in your browser.

Our URL starts with https. It is an encrypted URL that is used on payment pages and pages where there may be person-sensitive information.

Data protection

It is important for us to protect and respect your privacy when you use our services and communicate with us. Our goal is to handle all data responsibly and correctly, so that you can feel safe. We have high ethical standards and strict internal procedures that ensure that your personal data is handled in the best possible way.

When you visit our website, our facebook or instagram page, make agreements and agreements with NIPÅ or communicate with us on email or phone, you exchange some information about you to us.

  • The information on visits to our website is stored anonymously and used only as statistics.
  • We do not collect information that can identify you as a person via our website, unless you have entered these information yourself in any of the forms available on the website. In these cases, we only use the information you provided to handle the defined requests you made. None of the personal information that can be stated on is linked to our cookies. 
  • Personal data containing private information, such as name, address and contact information, will only be stored for a longer period in connection with contract writing, which includes permanent employees and artists and others who are paid for honorary work.     
  • Regarding salary and bank information - this is handled by the Landsskapsregeringen.

We do everything we can to ensure that your personal data is handled safely and that your rights are protected optimally. We regularly review our routines and our handling of personal data. If you think that we do not handle your case and your rights in accordance with the law, you should contact us, preferably by e-mail with the text "complaint" in the subject line. If you wish to use your right to access, delete or correct your personal information you should contact us, preferably by e-mail with the text "Data protection" in the subject line, our contactinformation can be found under Contact us on

Additional information on personal data management:

NIPÅ is an institution under the Nordic Council of Ministers and follows their guidelines:

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