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Nordic Network is a network hub bringing organisations, institutions and projects in the Nordic countries together. The platform allows you to register your organization, find other organizations, expand your network and create exciting new Nordic projects and collaborations.

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Nordic Network is administered by the Confederation of Nordic Confederations (FNF)

Nordic Information Office

The eight Nordic Information Offices inform about Nordic cooperation and participate in and implement Nordic cooperation projects in the specific regions. The information offices are located in Flensburg, Vaasa, Jyväskylä, Akureyri, Alta, Arendal, Gothenburg and Umeå.

More information and contact about the Nordic Information Offices at the Confederation of Nordic Confederations (FNF) website

Nordic houses

The Nordic House in Reykjavik is a Nordic cultural and information center and a creative meeting place and serves as a link between Iceland and the rest of the Nordic region.

The Nordic House on the Faroe Islands promotes cultural life on the Faroe Islands and creates mutual relationships between cultural life on the islands and the Nordic region in general.

Nordic Institute

The Nordic Institute on Greenland (NAPA) provides support and helps to develop the Greenlandic cultural life with a particular focus on child and youth culture, and communicates Nordic culture in Greenland and Greenlandic culture in the rest of the Nordic region.

The Nordic Institute on Åland (NIPÅ) has the task of strengthening the cultural heritage of Åland, promoting Åland's active participation in Nordic cooperation and developing cooperation between Åland and the other countries in the public domain.

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