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Application deadline 15.2.2023, at 23.59

Note! Complete the entire application at once and submit. Unfortunately, we do not have a login function, so you cannot save a half-filled form and log in again and continue at another time.

Kulturkraft is initiated by and in collaboration with the Åland cultural delegation and the Nordic Institute on Åland.

Contact details
Fill in the name and contact details of the person who represents the group, and who will be the contact person and communicate on behalf of the group.
Information about the project
Maximum 400 words. The selection committee emphasizes that the application has thought through how the project is adapted for school students. The selection committee looks at both the quality of the project and how the visit can contribute to the students' school progress.
Fill in minimum and maximum number of students for each performance or workshop.
Technology, light, sound, venue, preparation time, implementation, etc. This must be clearly described in the application so that all schools can decide whether it is possible to accept your offer.
Size, height, etc. (Be aware that schools often have limited space and equipment.)
Ev. requirements for technology and equipment
When in the time period 15 March 2023 - May 2024 do you have the opportunity to visit the schools on Åland?
Please attach 2 high-quality images (min. 2 mb) that Kulturkraft is allowed to use on the website and other communication material, as well as any material that supports the application. You can also attach, for example, a CV or other documents that are relevant to your application. (jpg, png and pdf are allowed document types) If you have problems attaching files, you can also email them to
Files must be less than 5 MB.
Allowed file types: jpg jpeg png pdf.

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