Kulturprogram 2019

Alandica Auditorium
Pris: 10€

Thomas Backman concert

Thomas Backman

The woodwind musician Thomas Backman has for many years been heard as a sideman in all kinds of contexts. In...

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Thomas Backman
Bio Savoy
Pris: 10€

Mirja Klippel (FI/DK)

Poetic concert with strength and fragility

The Finnish songwriter Mirja Klippel takes care of minimalistic and poetic songs, carried out...

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St. Görans kyrka

Sankt Annæ Juniormandskor (DK) concert

Sankt Annæ Gymnasium's Juniors Choir is a choir consisting of 20 young male singers from Sankt Annæ Gymnasium, Copenhagen's song school...

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08:30 to 16:30

Kom med - Det gror i Nord!

NIPÅ invites students in Åland to explore their own thoughts about the Nordic countries in the creative project "Det gror i Nord" that... Read more
Det gror i Nord, konsert. Nordens Institut på Åland
Alandica, teatersalen

Nordisk Nøj – concert for kindergarten children

NIPÅ invites kindergarten children to the children's concert "Nordisk Nøj" with the musicians Lone Wernblad and Bergur Fonsdal. The concert... Read more
18:00 to 20:00
Kulturnatten, Emmaus-scenen

Jack & Jack in Young Nordic Stars

The Nordic Institute has the pleasure of presenting two talented teenagers from the Åland Islands who will tour around Denmark, Finland,... Read more
Young Nordic Stars project - Nordens Institut på Åland
20:30 to 23:30

HållbART - livemusic, DJ and sustainability

In August, ReGeneration2030 will be held in Mariehamn - a summit for young people with a focus on sustainability! The Nordic Institute in... Read more
Nordens institut på Åland arrangerar musikfest hållbART

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