Kulturprogram 2018

19:30 to 22:30
City Hall (Stadshuset), Torggatan 17, Mariehamn
Pris: 10€

The Moonshiners (FI) screening and live music at Stadshuset

A remake of a silent film of the first Finnish film ever made 

Finnish Juho Kuosmanen - the man behind the film The Happiest Day in the...

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moonshiners, salaviinanpolttajat
Bio Savoy, Nygatan 14, Mariehamn

Concert: Moddi (NO)

Banned and censored songs on Music Freedom Day 

Norway, Russia, Chile, Great-Britain, Vietnam, Libanon and Mexico are all countries with...

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moddi, unsongs
19:00 to 21:00
Auditorium, Alandica, Strandgatan 55, Mariehamn

Concert: Verneri Pohjola & Mika Kallio (FI)

Mystical and animal atmosphere with Pohjola and Kallio Trumpet phenomenon Verneri Pohjola and percussion virtuoso Mika Kallio in concert by... Read more
Verneri Pohjola, Mika Kallio
21:00 to 01:30
Pub Bastun, Sjöpromenaden 5, Mariehamn

Klubb Ö: Beri (SE) + ASTRA100

Feminist literatur and hip hop

Klubb Ö will be hosting a magnificent party with the Swedish hip hop artist Beri and the feminist...

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klubbö, litteraturdagarna, beri, astra
21:00 to 23:00
Parking lot between Medis och Mariehamn city library, Mariehamn

Concert: Suwalski's Latin Quarter

Suwalski's Latin Quarter live at the Culture Night i Mariehamn

Suwalski's Latin Quarter brings a hot mix of salsa tunes and swinging...

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Suwalski's Latin Quarter
Bio Savoy, Nygatan 14, Mariehamn

Concert: Frida Andersson (FI)

Concert with Frida Andersson at Bio Savoy

Frida Andersson is a Finnish-speaking singer-songwriter artist from Ekenäs, Finland. Frida's...

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Frida Andersson
Auditoriet, Alandica, Strandgatan 33, Mariehamn
Pris: 10€

Concert: Anni Elif (FI) at Alandica

Jazzconcert with Anni Elif at Alandica

Anni Elif Egecioglu is a Swedish-Turkish singer, cellist and composer based in Finland since 2008...

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Anni Elif

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