Kulturprogram 2020

15 Jan
Alandica Kultur & Kongress, Strandgatan 33, Mariehamn

How can the Åland's business community push for climate change?

Aland, together with its Nordic neighbors, has agreed to work for the region to become the world's most sustainable. It includes working for carbon neutrality and a sustainable... Read more
How can the Åland's business community push for climate change?
14 Feb to 27 Feb

Jack Sundström to Greenland

In the summer of 2019, the Nordic Institute on Åland had the pleasure of presenting two talented teenagers who went on tour around Denmark, Finland and Åland with Swinging Europe'... Read more
Young Nordic Stars at Greenland. Jack Sundström on the picture.
05 Mar
Pris: 10€

Mother of the sea

This performing art concert is inspired by the ancient Inuit myth of the sea goddess Sassuma Arnaa who lives on the bottom of the sea and rules over the sea. According to the myth... Read more
The picture shows Aviaja Lumholt in the performance The Mother of the sea
20 Mar

Fridayconcert March 20th, 19.00 - stream Sinne Eeg (DK)

Sinne grew up in a musical family in the Danish countryside and started singing at the age of four. At the age of 16, Sinne decided to invest in music 100%, she started on a... Read more
Nordic Institute on Åland is giving streamed fridayconserts due to Corona development
21 Mar to 22 Mar
Mariehamns Stadsbibliotek

Susanne Skogstad (NO) and Athena Farrokzhad (SE)

Please note! As a result of the development of the Corona virus and the recommendations for limited public gatherings, the Literature Days have been canceled. We at NIPÅ hope that... Read more
A picture of some of the authors on The Literature Days on Åland.
27 Mar

Robert Zetterqvist & Quasimondo

Robert Zeteterqvist & Quasimondo deliver a Friday concert on nipalive.ax. NIPÅ works intensively to develop digital and creative cultural solutions that work and make sense in... Read more
Picture of Robert Zetterqvist & Quasimondo to present the Friday concert by NIPÅ, The Nordic institute on Åland
29 Mar
Alandica Kultur & Kongress, Strandgatan 33, Mariehamn

Anniversary concert - cancelled!

We celebrate that the Nordic Institute on Åland turns 35 with an anniversary concert in the great hall at Alandica on March 29! The Finnish choir Musta Lammas is responsible for... Read more
The Nordic Institute in Åland is 35 years old and offers a free concert with Musta Lammas
30 Mar

This years peace talks will be digital on nipalive.ax

Tarja Halonen, Margot Wallström and Marja Lehto among the speakers in digital Kastelholm talks. Due to the coronavirus and the measures to stop its spread, this year's Kastelholm... Read more
This years peace talks will be digital on nipalive.ax
03 Apr to 08 May
Nordens institut på Åland, Storagatan 9

It’s Now or Näver - canceled

Birch bark is an exciting material that can be used in many different ways. We now have the pleasure of inviting you to an exhibition and two different workshops that are about... Read more
Utställning om näver på Nordens institut på Åland
03 Apr

Green Fish - Friday concert April 3rd at nipalive.ax

This will be the third Friday concert in the series; a wonderful concert with Green Fish, from Åland. The arrangement means that we at NIPÅ can offer culture to the home, at a... Read more
Green Fish - livestream on April 3rd at nipalive.ax
09 Apr

A poporchestra that provides a digital, musical soap opera

NIPÅ presents a series of digital concerts on nipalive.ax, which work and make sense in Corona times. In this way, the culture reaches everyone even though we cannot meet... Read more
Poporkestern på Åland gör digital konsert med Nordens institut på Åland
13 Apr to 18 Apr
Jurmala, Lettland

Creative writing camp - apply!

NIPÅ invites 4 young people aged 16-18 from Åland to participate in a creative writing workshop in Jūrmala, Latvia together with other young people from all over the Baltic region... Read more
Photo of Zandra Lundberg. Photo: Tiina Tahvnainen
17 Apr

Dance Friday online for two hours with Conny Henrix!

Time for a dance band Friday for two full hours! And the live recording will be from Parks Bar in Mariehamn. Music creates joy and we at NIPÅ know that there are many out in the... Read more
Dance Friday at nipalive.ax on April 17th, with Conny Henrix
18 Apr

Livepainting with Jonas Wilén

NIPÅ continues to work intensively to present digital culture in varoius ways! On Aprril 18th, there will be livepainting with Jonas Wilén at nipalive.ax and YOU can give input on... Read more
The Nordic Institute on Åland presents livepainting with Jonas Wilén
23 Apr to 23 Jun

Music in art - digital exhibition with Bo Torgé

Bo Torgé's early paintings were contemplative, restrained form studies. But his later paintings are life-affecting performances in color and rhythm, where the woman figure often... Read more
The Nordic Institute in Åland presents a digital exhibition with Bo Torgé
23 Apr

Skrubiluttan Å Skrubilej - folkmusic for all ages - canceled

Please note updated information: Unfortunately, this event has been canceled. We hope to come back with a new opportunity in the future. ------------------- Skrubiluttan Å... Read more
The Nordic Institute on Åland presents folkmusic concert for both old and young, Skrubiluttan Å Skrubilej.
24 Apr

Emotional music with Emilia Alm

The Nordic Institute in Åland (NIPÅ) continues to produce digital Friday concerts online at nipalive.ax. On Friday, April 24th, it is time to prersent om of Åland's young, and... Read more
Nordic Institute on Åland presents fridayconcert with Emilia Alm April 24th
01 May

Symphony Orchestra and Heavy Metal

The Nordic Institute on Åland (NIPÅ) presents ongoing Friday concerts online at nipalive.ax in Corona times. We work hard to get a variety in genre and style. On May 1st of this... Read more
TÝR and Føroyar symphony orchestra at http://nipalive.ax on 1.5
08 May

Gothic rock - dark popular culture with Lamori

Lamori is an band from Åland playing a sort of spooky Gothic rock. The Nordic Institute in Åland (NIPÅ) works hard to find a variation in style and genre in the live broadcast... Read more
Gothic rock with Lamori at nipalive.ax
09 May

Everyone has a dream

Myths on livestream We are happy to announce that it finally is time for a digital event that is first and foremost focused on children and young people! We will do a live... Read more
Ann-Christin Waller and Bo Söderlund at http://nipalive.ax May 9th
15 May

Pluto`s Baby and Linnea Selander

The Nordic Institute on Åland (NIPÅ) continues to present Friday concerts at nipalive.ax. On May 15th, Pluto's Baby, who is Linnéa Selander from Åland, will be presenting her... Read more
Linnea Selander and Plutos Baby at http://nipalive.ax
22 May

At-home concert with Johanna Grüssner

The Nordic institute on Åland (NIPÅ) continues with the appreciated Friday concerts at nipalive.ax. On May 22nd at 19.00 we are invited home to the Ålandic singer Johanna Grüssner... Read more
At the home of Johanna Grüssner, nipalive.ax on May 22nd, a concert by the Nordic Institute on Åland. Photo: Marcus Boman
29 May

Danish jazz from Dexter

The Nordic institute on Åland (NIPÅ) continues with the very appriciated Friday concerts at nipalive.ax. On May 29th at 7 pm it will be time for some nice Danish jazz from Dexter... Read more
Danish jazz from Dexter
05 Jun

SURIV - emotional concert

On Friday June 5th, NIPÅ will be presenting a concert that puts sounds to the emotions of and up-side-down world. This will be a slow free musical interpretation by some Åland... Read more
SURIV - en emotional concert at http://nipalive.ax, June 5th. Photo: Marcus Borenius
09 Jun

High pressure for 100 minutes on self-government day

On June 9th, it is Åland's autonomy day. And this year, 2020, just that specific day, it is exactly one year left until we begin the anniversary of Åland 100, where we during a... Read more
Högtryck plays for 100 minutes June 9th at nipalive.ax
24 Jun to 24 Aug

"Washed Ashore" - Art of rubbish

Johanna Sandin is a landscape photographer and lives in Finland, Hangö. In all kind of weather she takes the camera out to into the dramatic landscape. She is most comfortable in... Read more
Art installations of rubbish. Photo art by Johanna Sandin at nipa.ax on 24.6-24.8
31 Jul to 02 Aug
Nordens institut på Åland, Storagatan 9
Pris: 10€

The wordsmiths, a writing course for young people

Are you between the ages of 13 and 18 and enjoy writing diaries, poems, shopping lists, short stories or mobile notes? In this course you will practice practicing stories, poems,... Read more
Writing course for young people at the Nordic Institute on Åland
20 Aug to 20 Oct


Björn Friborg is a Scandinavian glass artist with fascinating artistic range. He disrespects the fragile material and examines what the glassbody can handle and express. He... Read more
Digital exhibition with Björn Friborg, glassartist, at nipa.ax. Photo: Hans Runesson
20 Aug to 21 Aug
Nordens institut på Åland, Storagatan 9

ReGeneration Summit 2020

Regeneration 2030 is a movement led by teenagers and young adults in the Nordic countries and in the countries around the Baltic Sea. The movement is working to achieve the UN's... Read more
ReGeneration Summit 2020
20 Aug to 23 Aug
nipalive.ax, IP-TV kanal 65, Storagatan 9

Plant a seed!

In connection with the ReGeneration Summit (the annual meeting for young people focusing on sustainability), the Nordic Institute in Åland is arranges a small festivity witth... Read more
The picture shows some of the artists and artists that will performe during hållbART, the digital festival with focus on sustainability.
22 Aug

Livestream with Johan Karlsson

Johan Karlsson is regarded as one of Åland's foremost recycling artists. He creates amazing sculptures like no one else. Out of material from the dump, things that otherwise... Read more
Junkart with Johan Karlsson, livestream at nipalive.ax
07 Sep to 01 Oct
Galleri NIPÅ, Storagatan 9, Mariehamn

HållbART – exhibition

The Nordic Institute on Åland (NIPÅ) has for a couple of years produced a mini-festival with the theme sustainability, in connection with the ReGeneration Summit. This annual ... Read more
hållbart exhibition at Gallery NIPÅ 7.9-1.10
18 Sep

Åland punk country

The Nordic Institute on Åland (NIPÅ) is presenting a livestreamed concert with Cim Dahlle & The Damage Done. Punk country by promising young musicians - a concert to look... Read more
Livestream with Cim Dahlle and The Nordic institute on Åland, nipalive.ax
02 Oct

Sturla Eide - high-class Norwegian folk music

It was 10 years since Sturla Eide released his own songs, but now he is up to date again with his own material. The Nordic Institute on Åland (NIPÅ) is very pleased to present... Read more
Sturla Eide at nipalive.ax October 2nd
06 Oct to 10 Dec
Gallery NIPÅ, Storagatan 9
Law Shifters returns to Åland and NIPÅ 6.10-11.12. Stine Marie Jacobsen, Law Shifters, Culture Laboratory, Funen, 2018, Photographer Liv Møller
20 Oct to 20 Dec

Light and darkness

Yvonne Swahn is a Swedish artist who works from an unconditional starting point where sensations and impressions are interwoven. Memories and the influence of external and... Read more
Distant light. Painting by Yvonne Swahn. Displayed in digital exhibition at the Nordic Institute on Åland, starting October 20th
20 Oct to 20 Dec

Calm Energy

Creativity, nature and mental health. All these are matters of heart for Marlene Lindbäck. In her digital exhibition at nipa.ax, she will have a little extra focus on the... Read more
Marlene Lindbäck presents digital exhibition "Calm Energy" at nipa.ax
06 Nov

Big Band evening on nipalive.ax

The Nordic Institute on Åland (NIPÅ) is producing in collaboration with Nautical a big band night on November 6th with Alandia Big Band and eight amazing soloists! Elin Manselin... Read more
Bigbandevening with Alandia Big Band, produced by Nordic Institute on Åland
16 Dec to 20 Jan
Nordens institut på Åland, Storagatan 9

The island and the sea

A collection of creative expressions about island life in a group exhibition. Kökar Municipality, weather friends and students at Sjöfartsgymnasiet exhibit at the Nordic Institute... Read more
Picture of one of the works of art in the exhibition The Island & the Sea at the Nordic Institute on Åland

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