Vandringsutställning på Nivå; en räv har flera utgångar

A fox has several exits

Fifteen female Danish artists together have created a beautiful, soft and varied exhibition that spans over a wide range. The exhibition "A fox has several exits" offers everything from graphic works, painting, textiles, sculpture and mixed media.

The exhibition has been formed as a joint project, where mutual inspiration and togetherness have been important factors. The artists have collected materials, objects and photos from three locations in the Nordic countries; Skiveren in North Jutland (near Skagen), in Nordfriesland by Husum in Slesvig (old Danish area), and at the Åland Islands.

Objects from the nature, materials and photographs have been collected in three inspirational boxes; one for each location. The boxes are part of the exhibition. There will also be video installations that has been made for this exhibition.

The group's first exhibition from the North German area Schleswig, was presented in April - May at the Kunstcenter in Mikkelberg. The material from that exhibition also forms the very essence of the exhibition that is now coming to Åland. Each member of the artist group has also created a whole new work inspired by materials from Åland.

A traveling exhibition

After the exhibition at the Nordic Institute in Åland, the project continues to travell around in the Nordic region. The collection of inspirational material from new places and continues, and with this material the artist group creates works with the Nordic countries in focus and as a guiding star. Through a playful approach, the artists together explore how nature, culture and sensuality bind us together in the common Nordic.

This group of artists want the project to develop and grow in the future, both for the participating artists themselves and for the Nordic audience. Like the fox, these women are smart and use their cunning creativity to study history, culture, nature and language in each individual Nordic countries to create the exhibition's continued life. The artists hope that as the exhibition wander around, the group will attract more Nordic artists, so that the flock has increased when they return to Denmark.

The exhibiting artists are:

  • Agnete Bjørneboe
  • Annette Bredstrup
  • Ulla Gerd Christensen
  • Heike Jacobsen
  • Mette Elimar Jensen
  • Lis Wuisman Jørgensen
  • Birgit Church
  • Birgit Marie Kjær
  • Helga Kristmundsdottir
  • Ulla Lampe
  • Hanne Matthiesen
  • Pia Græsbøll Ottesen
  • Hanne Schmidt
  • Elín Stefánsdóttir
  • Helga Thagaard

Gallery Nipå, Köpmansgatan 4
Vernissage on 1.9 pm 14-16
The exhibition runs from 2.9 - 30.11


Read more about the project "One fox has several exits" here.

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