Aamodt shows memories of a place

Nicolay Aamodt is a professional Norwegian artist, who will now exhibit digitally at the Nordic Institute on Åland on nipa.ax, starting on 11 January. His digital exhibition is called "Place studies" and includes a number of works of art that are related to memories and childhood.

Through his art, Nicolay wants to show how details and places affect us humans. He wants to convey how memories can shape a person's personality. He was inspired by the author Dylan Trigg and his art is almost like a kind of exploration of memories and experiences through semi-abstract paintings.

Nicolay appreciates the processes in which he constructs and deconstructs, tears down and rebuilds compositions. He likes to work with collage technique which gives a structure where the smooth and rough are combined, he paints, draws and works in a collage every now and then. The paintings can be both concrete and abstract at the same time. The very search for unexpected combinations also applies to his color choices; a conflict, which is resolved and finally provides balance.

” – I want my art to relate to the research that exists around the possibilities that lie in painting, drawing and collage. My early works were largely an exploration of techniques and often thematized the abundance of visual impressions and how these can be manipulated socially and psychologically. ” says Nicolay Aamodt.

After sketches and color testing, he often has a geometric approach to canvas and paper where a simple horizontal line is the first step. The line can be the starting point for the "room" to be created. Multiple horizontal lines and geometric systems and patterns can be developed into several "spaces and spaces" in a work. New shapes are developed or assembled in collage form. Nicolay describes it as a slow process where new layers of paint and carvings for collage gradually build the work.

” – I have worked a lot with text in recent years - both used specifically in my works and as a reference to several motifs and themes in my works. In particular, it is two poets who have inspired me a lot; Tor Ulven and Wallace Stevens. Both write concretely, abstractly, politically and very topically. ” says Nicolay.

Nicolay Aamodt is educated at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, USA and Illustration and Fine Art.

Where? nipa.ax
When? 11.01 – 11.03
Artist? Nicolay Aamodt

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