The Nordic Institute in Åland is 35 years old and offers a free concert with Musta Lammas

Anniversary concert!

Please note! As a result of the development of the Corona virus and the recommendations for limited public gatherings, we are canceling the 35-year celebration and concert with Musta Lammas, which was planned in Alandica March 29th.


We are celebrating that the Nordic Institute on Åland celebrates its 35th year on Åland, with an anniversary concert at Alandica on March 29th! And everyone is invited. You can get you free ticket from Alandica.

The finnish choir Musta Lammas is one of the most interesting a cappella chiors in Finland right now. The expressive choir consists of twenty-four professional musicians with tight grooves and the sounds mainly come from the band world. The choir specializes in rhythm music, which means, for example, pop, jazz, rock, blues and funk. The finnish name 'Musta Lammas' meanes "the black sheep'", and the name refers to the pioneering position of the choir, since the group wants to "shake" the idea of ​​what high-quality choral music can be, and inspire others to create something new. The anniversary concert in Mariehamn will also be a part of Musta Lamma's Finlands tour, which also includes Turku, Oulu, Helsinki and Forssa. The concert's repertoire is a delicious mix of own compositions, cleverly arranged covers and improvisation. The repertoires includes for example "Say it again" (Lisa Nilsson), "Cry me a river" (Justin Timberlake), "Levoton tyttö" (Anssi Kela) and "Heroes" (David Bowie) and "Summer hymn from Katrina" (Lars Huldén, Jack Mattson).

In recent years, the choir has acted as the main act at the SingStrong festival in New York (USA), Stemmer Bygger Bro festival (DK) and Vaasa Choir festival in Finland. In June 2017, Musta Lammas won the first prize in the Danish Aarhus Vocal Festival's choir competition, as well as a special prize for the competition's best event. The choir has released two studio singles, of which the newest, a flirtatious arrangement of Anssi Kela's hit Levoton tyttö, was praised by, among others, Anssi Kela himself. The choir is led by Ida Olsonen.

The anniversary concert is in the main hall of Alandica and you are welcome to pick up a free ticket at Alandica's reception. Please note that there are a limit of tickets. The Nordic institute will also give a small drink during the break to all visitors.

Very welcome!

When? Sunday March 29th 18.00 
Where? Alandica Kultur & Kongress

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