Exhibition with Ralph Branders

The art of words and mind

During Mariehamn's Literature Days, a three-day long live painting was arranged where the artist Ralph Branders painted with inspiration from literature, poetry, ongoing conversation and interpreted this year's theme "Ursinne" (rage).

One of the paintings that Branders created during the Literature Days is inspired by Molly Heinemann's short story "The Beach" which was one of the winning entries in the nines' writing competition Skratch.

In another work, a man, a man, is seen trapped in a bubble and excluded from the rest of the world, which he views with envy and fear. This painting was created by the artist during the stage talk, hatred and incel culture.

The Incel culture is a new expression of an old phenomenon, says the artist. There have always been odd people who did not feel at home and who were isolated. The new thing today is the network that makes it easy to find like-minded people.

The live paint was a collaboration between the artist, Mariehamn's Literature Days, the City Library and the Nordic Institute on Åland.

The works of art that were created during the livepaint can now be seen in an exhibition at Mariehamn City Library.

Where? Mariehamn City Library and nipa.ax
When? Exhibition av City Library i the period 29.3 - 18.4
Digital exhibition at nipa.ax until 29.5
Artist? Raplh Branders

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