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Audition The Archipelago Tour!

The archipelago tour (Skärgårdsturnén) has for several years invited audiences, artists and musicians to magnificent concerts with several of Sweden's most beloved musicians in beautiful places in Stockholm archipelago. And NOW we can happily announce that this year they will start their tour with two concerts on Åland! A concert at Föglö at Carlsro July 18th and a concert at the ship Pommern July 19th. We at the Nordic Institute on Åland (NIPÅ) ensure that local artists frpm Åland have the opportunity to be part of the project.

The archipelago tour collaborates with the brig Tre kronor - a wonderful ship that makes sailing trips around Sweden every year, and the project in this way supports their work for a sustainable Baltic Sea. Briggen Tre kronor initiated the Expedition Save the Baltic Sea. Together with researchers, environmental organizations, politicians and the business community, they work for a sustainable development for the Baltic Sea. The archipelago tour also annually awards an archipelago prize to an actor who has made an important impression on the archipelago environment - the natural environment or the cultural environment. On Åland, the brig Tre kronor will first come to Föglö and after the concert she will sail to Mariehamn and at Pommern for another concert.

The quality of the Archipelago tour is high and many professionals and famous names are among the artists who come to Åland; Viktoria Tolstoy, Tina Ahlin, Marie Nilsson Lind and Malena Ernman. The musicians are drummer Morgan Ågren who i.a. played with Frank Zappa, Johan Strindberg from Norrköping Symphony Orchestra, Krister Jonsson, jazz guitarist with i.a. Viktoria Tolstoy and Kristin Stenerhag, known from "Peter Carlsson och de blå grodorna"!

Audition for Åland - apply at the latest April 22nd

NOW we are looking for local artists that would like to be part of the project on Åland. Therefore, we are now arranging a digital audition, where anyone who is interested can easily apply through a form here from this page, where you write briefly about yourself and attach two mobile movies where you sing. In this way, each applicant can film in peace and quiet at home and then send in their application. Please note that the application form is in swedish and closes on April 22nd

The films you submit must be a capella, ie you sing completely without instruments. You can choose an optional song and another that all applicants must sing; "Underbart är kort" (by Povel Ramel).

The jury consists of:

  • Viktoria Tolstoy, one of Sweden's greatest jazz singers.
  • Tina Ahlin, artistic director of the tour, has sat on the jury in everything from the Melodifestivalen, Funkisfestivalen, Konstnärsnämnden and others.
  • Johanna Delfs, Carlsro Badhotell
  • Anna Lind Bengtsson, head of communications at the Nordic Institute on Åland

The winner is offered to perform as an artist at one of the concerts on Åland and receives a fee for this. The winner also gets a fantastic opportunity for mentorship where he or she gets a weekend on Värmdö in Sweden with Tina Ahlin and Morgan Ågren. They each have a music studio where they invite the winner to a singing lesson, drum lesson, recording, mix technique, review of Logic (recording program), piano accompaniment (if desired). In addition to rehearsing the songs together! A completely unique opportunity in other words.

Now we keep our fingers crossed that not only the experienced are applying, but that you who are young and want to "try your wings", would like to apply. The chosen local artist will of course also receive a fee for his efforts and paid travel in connection with ropes and mentorship in Stockholm.

In addition to the atist chosen through audition, we also make sure that some experienced Åland artists are hired and we launch these names a little later! There will be different artists at the different concerts.

Local actors

The tour is also carried out in collaboration with many local local producers in food, drink and crafts, as they want to invite the audience to a fantastic evening. Over the years, six archipelago municipalities have been visited, from Öregrund in the Northern archipelago to Dalarö in the south and the goal is to give the archipelago vitality and draw attention to the marine environment and encourage commitment. The archipelago tour is therefore crane-marked and continuously collaborates with the World Wide Fund for Nature and Expedition Save the Baltic Sea.

More about the Archipelago Tour 

Those who work with the Archipelago Tour are; Sven Westman (project manager), Richard Karsten (project manager) Tina Ahlin (artistic director), Malin Skilberg (logistics manager) Daniel Skilberg Archipelago photo (Archipelago tour photographer), Morgan Ågren (communication), Johan Strindberg (conductor).

Artists who have participated through the years are Lill Lindfors, Louise Hoffsten, Ebbot Lundberg, Uno Svenningson, Viktoria Tolstoy, Jack Vreeswijk, among many many more!

What? Digital audition. Last day for registration April 22nd
When? Concerts will take place on 18.7 at Föglö and 19.7 at Pommern in Västra Hamnen

Tickets? Keep an eye out here on the website and in our channels for ticket releases

Please note that the applicationround deadline was April 22nd. We will inform applicants at the May 6th.

photo: Jaak T. Arendi 

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