Barlast (FI) concert March 23 is canceled, new date will be announced shortly

Barlast creates new music with the silence ecoing in the background. All excess is ripped away. 

From a telecasters caressing sound to the call from the shepards instrument mänkeri, from the sound of the beat of the ram drum to a freely improvised contrabas solo. The atmosphere shifts between a 18th century ball and respiratory distress caused by radiation proof clothing.

Barlast was noted as one of the highlights of the showcase festival Tallinn Music Week 2017 and has performed in Finland, Estonia, Hungary and Norway. Barlast's debut album Ihantola has been described as "a delight that takes the listener on a journey through unexpected peaks and valleys in experimental and exploratory music." Barlast will release their second album in February 2019.

Philip Holm - Contrabass
Heikki Hänninen - Guitar
Minna Koskenlahti - Percussion and flute 
Sanna Salonen - Sopranosaxophone, bass clarinet and mänkeri 

Please note information 18.3:
Unfortunately, we have to postpone the concert with Barlast on March 23rd, since we received the information that construction manager and fire authorities close hall 1 at Bio Savoy. We will now try to find a new date and place for the concert and will inform about this as soon as possible.

Barlast tour 2019 was realised with funding from Svenska Kulturfonden.
Photo: Nicolay Alhazov

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