Jonah Jürgen Bogle presents a performance with five scenes from a life story at the Nordic Institute on Åland


Five scenes from a life story

Through a performance, Jonah Jürgen Bogle puts several different stages in a life story in focus; everything from addiction, rescue, mental disability, art, politics, exclusion, Judaism, flight, capitulation to personal development.

It will be a small audience that will get the chance to take part in this life story and performance. Bogle is an experience-expert and in his performance he will work with five different scenes from his life. With text, poems, prayer, movement, dance, sound, actions, phone calls, he will give life to his story where the auidience get an insight to an exciting life story and how the roads led him to Åland. And how he found his home and his security on Åland.

Bogle asks himself many questions in his work in order to make this performance:

" – What is it really like to suffer from a psychosis? How can you feel better? What does addiction mean and how can you find ways out of it? What does peace of mind mean? Must art be nice? How do you notice that you are fleeing all the time? How can you put up with grief? What the hell is Jerusalem to do with me? And why am I sitting on the beach in Tel Aviv then? Have I finally come home? And where am I going?"

Where? Nordic institute on Åland
18.2 at 19.00
19.2 at 17.00
19.2 at 19.00 
22.2 at 17.00 - Canceled extra performance

Artist? Jonah Jürgen Bogle
The performance is for at an adult audience, 18+ years. 

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