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Bjarke Falgren

Melodic ingenuity

The award-winning and four-time Grammy winner Bjarke Falgren, can like no other make his 300-year-old violin almost speak. His expressive way of playing creates smiles and emotions. 

Bjarke also became the first to receive the "Ellen & Svend Asmussen Prize" a couple of years ago. Now the Nordic Institute on Åland is streaming a wonderful concert with Bjarke and some of Scandinavia's perhaps best musicians. March 5th at 20.00 on

Debut release

Bjarke himself says that his music has had to mature before he has felt ready to release his first record as a soloist and composer - but now it's time. The new album Origin will be released on April 9, 2021.

Plays the entire emotional register

The quartet consists of some of Scandinavia's perhaps best musicians: Janus Templeton, Morten Lundsby and Henrik Hallberg. Together, they play Björke's songs in the best possible way and take you as a listener on a journey around the entire emotional register. From lyrical, melodic to virtuoso, playful and raw-swinging expressions. The jazz background is clear and the music is spiced with elements from e.g. folk music, Brazilian rhythms and classical music.

With the Bjarke Falgren Quartet, you are guaranteed a passionate, moving, present and swinging concert experience of high quality.

This is how Ulrika Lind at New Åland wrote earlier about Bjarke Falgren:

” – Falgren was among those who, however, were in a class of their own. Tone quality and ingenuity complemented his melodic thinking. He inspired his band and audience to a euphoric rush of happiness. "

Kjeld Frandsen, from the Danish Berlingske tidende (Denmark) writes:

” – In short, there is a bit of magic in the air when the young violinist treats his old violin, and there is no doubt that with his swinging playing he places himself in the jazz violin royal line. ”

Now you have the opportunity to take part in their musicality through a streamed concert on and IP-TV channel 65.

Where? and IPTV channel 65
When? 5.3 at 20.00 - 21.20

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