Fashion show and dinner in the spirit of sustainability, at Hotell Pommern och Kvarter 5 by the Nordic Institute on Åland


The best new is the new old!

Welcome to an evening in the spirit of sustainability with a fashionshow and climate-smart food. We hope that this will be an evening that inspires more people to think circularly and sustainably regarding fashion, food and our limited resources.

The evening offers a fashionshow by costume and fashion designer Matilda Karlström and stylist and fashion designer Irina Fisun. They explore what clothes are and what can be shaped and created from recycled clothes, and they want to inspire us to think more recycling and sustainability around fashion.

In connection with the fashion show (which takes place in Hotel Pomerania's foyer), it is also possible to book a table at restaurant Kvarter 5, which serves a sustainable, beautiful and green menu.

Table reservation in advance via

Matilda Karlström

Costume and fashion designer who graduated from the Oslo Academy of the Arts and the Borås School of Textiles. Matilda Karlström explores what clothing is and can be, with an open horizon. It results in costumes, collections or installations such as shown at Dansens hus in Oslo, Riksscenen, DOGA and Østfold kunstsenter.

 “ I buy clothes second hand. The garments I choose are already rejected by someone else. A new chance. Bursts and drapes in a methodical improvisation. A restructuring of the garment's structure and the garment parts' relationship to each other. What is a garment, and when does a garment become a garment? What if it's not a garment? It's about the body. " – Matilda Karlström

Irina Fisun

Stylist and fashion designer, educated at St. Petersburg University in technology and design. She has done several fashion collections and a number of exhibitions as a costume designer and stylist.

“My professional life has been quite affected by my childhood. In the time and country I was born, sometimes the only opportunity was to learn to create something new (to sew, knit, crochet) by re-doing what already existed. It is magical to recreate and give new life. The new collection that I will show here is based on everything we already have, but no longer use. Recycled textiles, older sewing techniques, old patterns, colors and shapes. Recycling is not a new idea, it was created by nature. Everything is reborn again and again and again in new shapes, new colors and creates new emotions. When I work as a stylist, I help my clients create a smart and sustainable wardrobe. ” – Irina Fisun

Simon Holmström, a member of the Nordic Council's Sustainability Committee, will also give an opening speech in connection with the fashion show, at 18 on 8 October.


One of Kvarter5's basic ideas is to be sustainable and offer dishes based on the chefs' inspiration and what is available according to the season and with the local resourses. This in itself is a circular idea as we make use of the raw materials that are available at the moment. Hotell Pommern och Kvarter5 are Nordic Ecolabelled and work according to a strict protocol to ensure that resource consumption is at low levels in terms of water and electricity. They also try to work actively to reduce food waste by offering small lunch dishes, smaller plates at breakfast in ordet to avoid the guests throwing away food.

A warm welcome to a climate-smart evening!

When? October 8th at 18.00
Where? Fashionshow at Hotel Pommern and dinner at Kvarter 5

No entrance to see the fashion show. If you are interested in eating dinner, make a table reservation at Kvarter 5

Please note that the event will be filmed.

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