Frida Andersson

Concert: Frida Andersson (FI)

Concert with Frida Andersson at Bio Savoy

Frida Andersson is a Finnish-speaking singer-songwriter artist from Ekenäs, Finland. Frida's artist journey started at home in the garden, where she often performed with her sisters and her father, the musician Bosse Andersson.

To grow up with an ever-present musical atmosphere around her, has put her footsteps on Fridas music and the way she chose to pursue her career. It's about the scaled and close. The completely unconventional and natural. Playing in a barn or a beautiful big concert venue does not matter to Frida. "If I see that someone in the audience is strongly touched by my music, I feel happy. I try to connect to the audience in a disarming and liberating manner. I'm not standing in front of people to deliver, but to communicate".

Besides being a singer, Frida is also a guitarist, songwriter and sound engineer. In 2013 she received the award "The Female Artist of the Year" at the Vegaprisgalan in Finland. Frida has released several critically acclaimed albums and toured together with, for example, Bo Kaspers Orkester and Emil Jensen.

During the summer, Frida has toured around Sweden at most music festivals and is currently recording new material for future recordings. Attending the concert at Bio Savoy, Frida has guitarist Roland Junell.


Saturday 8 September at 19.30, Bio Savoy, Mariehamn
Concert approx 60 min, no paus
Ticket price 10€, under the age of 12 is free entrance
Purchase your ticket at Bio Savoy, ticket box opens 1 h before concert start
Please note: Cash only!

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