Suwalski's Latin Quarter

Concert: Suwalski's Latin Quarter

Suwalski's Latin Quarter live at the Culture Night i Mariehamn

Suwalski's Latin Quarter brings a hot mix of salsa tunes and swinging jazz at the Cultural Night in Mariehamn August 10th. The 8 musician's strong orchestra promises a groovy dance party for both body and soul!

The concert starts at 21.00 pm and will transform the parking lot between Medis and Mariehamn city library to a unique dance hall with the sky as a roof.

About the orchestra

Suwalski's Latin Quarter consists of recognized musicians from Latin America and Denmark. Thanks to the different musical backgrounds of the band members, they create an exciting repertoire with everything from traditional Cubano son, New York inspired jazz and funky timba.

The event is a collaboration between NIPÅ and Medis and is a joint contribution to the Cultural Night 2018.

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