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Conny Henrix

Replay of favorites!

NIPÅ has produced several digital concerts during the Covid era. Now we will, on request, send some replays of favorites! Every Friday during the month of May we will be able to show you a favorite concert at NIPÅs facebook and on IP-TV channel 65. 

On Friday the 14th of May, we serve a dance band Friday with the popular band Conny Henrix. Their concert was the absolute highlight last year in terms of viewers, when over 3,000 watched the concert via NIPÅ's channels. We hope that many will dance again, at home in the living rooms, on the piers, in the gardens and out in the cottages. Invite to dance where you are!

Conny Henrix is ​​an Åland dance band that was formed already in 2006 by Conny Sahlin and Henrik Jansson. In 2007, the band was supplemented with Guy Ahlqvist. The band has played around the country and the kingdom where most of the gigs have still been at home in front of an always equally enthusiastic dancing audience. In the winter of 2020, Conny Henrix also made a 14-day tour to Playa del Sol, Canary Islands, Spain.

Conny Henrix plays danceable and cuddly songs with influences from, among others, Black Jack, Elvis, Fernandoz, Lasse Stefanz, The Vikings, Matz Bladhs. Mats Bergmans and others. The band's goal is to entertain their audience "from the first note to the last" and has thus gained many followers who faithfully follow the band from gig to gig.

Conny Sahlin, guitar and vocals
Henrik Jansson, keyboards, accordion and vocals
Guy Ahlqvist, drums and vocals
Sune Eriksson, technique

Where? Nordic institutes facebook and IP-TV channel 65
When? May 14th, 20.00
Artist? Conny Henrix

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