Creative writing camp

Creative Writing Camp 2019 - Norden Institut på Åland

NIPÅ invites 4-5 young people aged 16-17 from Åland to participate in a creative printer workshop on the island of Kihnu in Estonia together with other young people from all over the Baltics!

The workshop, which extends over three days, is led by the Danish author Caroline Ørsum. The language is English, but everyone writes in their own native language. The focus during the workshop will lie on short stories.

When? April 24-27, 2019

Where? Kihnu, Estonia

For who? 16-17 year olds

Main organizer: The Nordic Council of Ministers' office in Estonia.


During the period of March 4th - 24th there was the online possibility to apply an interest for participating in the creative writing camp with a motivation.

Four participants have now been selected for the creative writing camp on the basis of motivation and interest. NIPÅ has notified everyone about whether or not they have been selected. If you have any questions, you are most welcome to contact project manager

As a support the participants from Åland will travel with Zandra Lundberg on the trip. Zandra Lundberg is a journalist, blogger and yoga teacher and most recently the very known through her show "Go out and be happy you bastard".

The program

The participants will receive step-by-step guidance on how to write a story, tools for creative writing, tips and techniques on how to build a document and create compelling characters. The focus will be on short stories so that participants during the writing camp will have time to create one or more stories from beginning to end. In the program lectures and instructions are interspersed with time to work on their own story, as well as discussions and feedback. There will also be time to get acquainted with the island of Kihnu.

You can find the detailed program further down on this page.

Caroline Ørsum (DK)

Caroline Ørsum (born 1985) is a Danish author. She writes most realistic youth literature and has published 15 books since her debut novel Hovedet i skerne (2009). Caroline holds a master's degree in Communication from Roskilde University in Denmark. Today she works full time as a writer and teacher in creative writing. Read more about her and her books.

Practical information

The workshop is part of the larger project Nordic Writers Crossing Borders, and was inspired by a Nordic book project called "- Tomorrow is never a new day". Accommodation, food and participation fees are covered by the project.

NIPÅ will book and stand for all Åland participants' trips. With an adult, the Åland participants travel together from Mariehamn April 24 at 9.00 am by boat to Tallinn. The trip home takes place on Saturday 27 April, the boat from Tallinn arrives in Mariehamn on Sunday 28 April at 4.50 pm. Breakfast and dinner on the boat are included.

Accommodation at Kihnu will be in some different guesthouses with rooms on two or three beds in each and shared bathroom. Most activities will take place in the local school and in the museum.

Participants will receive breakfast, lunch and dinner at the local school.

Read more about Kihnu here.

If you have any questions you are most welcome to contact NIPÅ's project manager Helena with questions by email or mobile 040 130 7499

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