Nordic artists create their own money

Time and Place

9 February - 23 March 2018
Gallery NIPÅ, Köpmansgatan 4, Mariehamn
Opening hours Mon-Fri kl. 13-16:00
Vernissage February 9th kl. 16-18:00

About the exhibition - Art as an alternative valuta

Artmoney is an alternative ‘currency’ that addresses subjects like social and economical value and fairness in today's world.  ARTMONEY NORD is a conceptual art project, where artists create their own money. Artmoney holds the small original format 12x18 in all possible (or impossible) materials and genres. The creation is a hybrid between art and money and has the value of Danish Kroner 200 - regardless the artist or the material. Artmoney can be sold, exchanged or used as a payment partly or totally between private people, shops or with companies supporting the idea. By having a critical point of view the project aims to take part in the global conversation. When it comes to artmoney, all people are worth the same. 

The artists have been handpicked from Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Faroe Islands, Greenland and Iceland.


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