at the waters edge

Exhibition: At The Water's Edge

Memories from the Baltic when the sea was divided by the Iron Curtain  

Time and place

5 Jan - 2 Feb 2018, Gallery NIPÅ Köpmansgatan 4, Mariehamn
Opening hours Mon-Fri kl. 13-16:00  
Vernissage January 5th kl. 16-19:00

About the exhibition

The exhibition is a result of a transanational and a transgenerational communications project. The aim is to broaden public memories from the Baltic when the sea was didived by the Iron Curtain. The sea as the natural contact or diving point is one of the main ideas of the exhibition.   

The exhibition consist of written memories and photographs from all nine countries on the Baltic coast during the cold war. At the Water's Edge project was initiated by artist Hanna Sjöberg. Her childhood memories took her back to Gotland where she used to find all kinds of things flushed to the shore such as packages written in different languages like in Polish, Latvian or Russian. Those were messages from the strange world. For a Swedish child in the 60's the East side of the Baltic sea was unknown.     

Observing today's society we can ask the following question: What does these memories mean now while new threath images are being published from the Baltic?


At the waters edge will tour and visit all the nine Baltic countries during the year. The tour was kicked off in Visby, Sweden, summer 2017 and will end up in Gydnia, Poland in summer 2018.  

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