A taste of Kalle Wetterström's digital project


In connection with the exhibition "It's never too late", Kalle Wetterstöm (AX) presents his new digital project "Fantasies" where he depicts landscapes and a transformation into the abstract expression.

“ The project is based on images that I worked on on my Ipad and the program Pro Create which is a fantastic and fun program to work with, the images will depict landscapes and a transformation into the abstract expression. The film will be edited in Edius, which I have worked on a lot over the years. ” says Kalle Wetterström.

The fact that Kalle Wetterström started using digital tools and programs is partly due to pure coincidence in combination with a general image fatigue. After working with film and still image production since the 70's, he wanted to discover some new technology, which was easily accessible. Since he previously worked with Photoshop, it was close at hand to start there, partly with editing and coloring of images. Kalle also got a drawing board and found another program (Art Rage), which was based on more traditional painting tools in digital form, painting with oil paints, crayons and watercolors, as well as a palette with the possibility of making color mixtures. Wetterström then went on with Pro create and Ipad and experienced that it was a fun program with great opportunities, partly to test ideas and different expressions, and can also serve as a sketchbook.

" Over the years, I have also worked with graphics, etchings, dry needles, but perhaps mainly with linoleum, and see digital creation as a complement. I have previously been hampered by using abstract images, but have discovered what interesting images can be made with the iPad. "In the long run, I will also use the digital tools in video form. I had a teacher at the art college who thought that one should develop the imagination, and that is perhaps what I do now."

Kalle Wetterström, photographer and filmmaker, educated at the School of Art in Stockholm and graduated from the Institute for Higher Advertising and Communication DIHR. Has worked with feature film "Time is a dream" part 1 + 2 Director: Jan Lindqvist; illustrated a couple of books; made travel reports and participated in a number of exhibitions and was involved in hundreds of television programs.

You can take part in Kalle Wetterström's digital project in connection with Jacob Olsne's exhibition "It's never too late".

Where? Nordic Institute on Åland, Storagatan 9, Mariehamn
When? 21.4-16.6
Vernissage 21.4, kl. 17-19

NIPÅ is open weekdays at 10-16. In addition to this, the exhibition is open Tuesdays and Thursdays at 16-20, and Saturdays and Sundays at 12-15.

Photo: Rasmus Ohlin

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