Picture of Greta Sundström and Kviga from Sweden, before a concert on Åland

Folk music and folk dance

NIPÅ invites you to a concert and dance evening with the Swedish trio Kviga with Ida Hellsten, Nina Grigorjeva and Lovis Jacobsson together with Åland's very own Greta Sundström! Get ready for a twist, exciting arrangements and heartbreaking folk songs!

A warm welcome to a wonderful occasion with a focus on folk music! There will be concert and dance music that visitors can dance to, on two different occasions.

Two days in a row this fall there will be folk music and dance - on November 25th at Mariehamn's city library and on November 26th at Stallhagen in Finström.

Greta Sundström

Born and raised in Iskmo in Korsholm outside Vasa, where she trained as a cook in vocational school before moving to Sweden. In 1988 she came to Åland where she became best known for her accordion music and ability to entertain both young and old and also represented Åland in many international contexts. Most recently it was in the United States in Washington DC. Greta is one of Åland's foremost in folk music and a natural when it comes to the accordion.


Nina is a multi-instrumentalist and singer with an international career as a baroque musician behind her. The early music has now been replaced with folk music and own cross-genre projects. In Kviga, she plays traditional Swedish flutes such as the harjedal pipe and sälgflute and sings.

With many strings to his lyre, Lovis Jacobsson is the group's snappy instrumentalist. With i.a. guitar, zither and sometimes a little pipe, he is a groove machine that lifts most things. After several years at various folk colleges, she now also has a bachelor's degree in folk music on the zither at the Royal Academy of Music.

Top and bottom, on vocals and bass, we hear Ida Hellsten. She grew up in the Östgöt folk music scene, but has both folk and jazz in her repertoire. With a bachelor's degree in folk singing from KMH, she is the narrative voice in Kviga.

When and where?

25.11, at 19 - 20, Mariehamn City Library, Strandgatan 29
26.11, at 19 - 20, Stallhagen, Getavägen 196, Finström

No tickets needed, just come and enjoy the music and dancing!

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