The picture shows details of some works that will be exhibited during Art Agenda's exhibition at the Nordic Institute on Åland 2

For the future!

In the spring of 2022, Art Agenda sought, through an Open Call, young people who wanted to take the opportunity to show their thoughts on a sustainable future in a creative expression. Several applicantions came from Åland and during the autumn of 2022, the Nordic Institute on Åland has the great pleasure of presenting some of these in an art exhibition that opens on September 29th!

Many took the opportunity to apply and the jury groups certainly did not have an easy task. The works that were finally chosen together present a fine whole in different places around in some of the Nordic sister organizations. The works provide a fantastically exciting picture of the young artists' future and their view of where the world is headed, and all the works relate to one or more of the UN's goals for sustainable development.

Here are the works that have been chosen to be presented on Åland!

  1. For the future, Sigrid Dahlsten and Linn Kyllönen (AX)
  2. Förlora inte hoppet, Wilma Groos (AX)
  3. The same differences, Java HH (SE)
  4. The Face of Future, Blobb TV, Yuvia Maini (SE)
  5. Älskade Systerskap, Smilla Jovine (SE)
  6. What the future gives, Milla Pettersson (SE)
  7. Sol og Alger / Sun and Algae, Matilde Wedzicha (NO)
  8. Barnets Hus, Husets Barn, Kristine Groven (NO)
  9. Planet Earth and its residents, Ia Aikala (FI)
  10. The Darkside of Mother Earth, SantiYago Delgado (FI)
  11. Ex-Organic Sticks, Salla Kuoppamaa (FI)
  12. Vapaus, Koruryhmä Forssan kuvataidekoulu (FI)
  13. Conflict within me, Janna Ratavaara (FI)
  14. Mahdollisuus, Sylvia Ruusila (FI)
  15. Tartuthan käteeni, Kuhmon kesätanssijat (FI)

At the same time as the exhibition is taking place at the Nordic Institute on Åland, exhibitions with other works from the same Open Call will also be presented at both the Nordic Council of Ministers in Copenhagen and the Nordic Cultural Contact in Helsinki, Suomenlinna. If you want to know more about Art Agenda, you can find their website here.

Åland's lyceum students - contribute to the exhibition

Inspired by Wilma Groos work "Don't lose hope" (Förlora inte hoppet), 19 students in the study section Sculpture have created works on the theme of flying insects. The awareness of endangered species and the knowledge of the phenomenon of insect death have been included during the work.

The sculptures' basic construction is made of chicken wire, steel wire, newspaper and wallpaper paste. In addition to that, the students have worked with materials that they felt were appropriate for visualizing wings, among other things. The sculptures have been painted with acrylic paint.

Where? Nordic Institute on Åland, Storagatan 9, Mariehamn
When? 29.9 - 27.10
Opening 29.9, at 17.00-19.00
Open mon-fri at 10-16, thursdays open until at 20, saturday at 11-15.

The list of works

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