The picture shows Minna Öberg who will do a graphic walk with the Nordic Institute on Åland at

Graphic walk

With artist Minna Öberg

The Nordic Institute continues with digital cultural events and this time we want to invite you to a graphic walk with artist Minna Öberg on

During the program, we get to take part of the process where Minna produces a work of art. Among other things, she will to show how to prepare egg oil tempera with locally produced eggs and linseed oil. During the walk, we fit the selected motifs into their original environments and discuss the origins of the works and reflect on how you look at your everyday life and find the beauty in a walk that you may have already done countless times.

The walk will be done in Flaka, Lemland where everything from colors and shapes inspires Minna.

"- I have prepared some paintings for the walk in Flaka, Lemland. I was inspired by the graphic shapes of the house bodies and Flaka's color scale. The motifs are details taken out of context. ” says Minna Öberg.

Street art inspires Minna and the use of public space. Through her art and expression, she wants to evoke thoughts.

"For me, it is important to understand and appreciate that we are here and now. And if this is conveyed with a little humor, it's good. ” says Minna

About Minna Öberg

Minna Öberg was born in Mariehamn, educated at the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff (MA in art & design), the Swedish University of Applied Sciences (SYH), (BA, visual arts) and Åland Folk High School, Nordic Art.

Where? and IP-TV channel 65
When? May 15th, 15.00-17.00
Artist? Minna Öberg


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