hållbart exhibition at Gallery NIPÅ 7.9-1.10

HållbART – exhibition

The Nordic Institute on Åland (NIPÅ) has for a couple of years produced a mini-festival with the theme sustainability, in connection with the ReGeneration Summit. This annual summit is for young people and focuses on sustainability. Both the summit and the festival were digital this year in 2020, with local meeting places throughout the Nordic region and the countries around the Baltic Sea. The summit's program was interspersed with elements from the digital festival that everyone could take part in through various digital channels.

Culture can be an "eye-opener", a bridge for increased understanding and a channel for thinking outside the box. The participants in this year's hållbART festival (hållbart = sustainable in swedish) showed proof of this with incredibly wonderful festival elements. We got to take part of fantastic works of art made from rubbish, metal sculpture from junk, music created on scrap, rubbish and everyday things and a small physical one-man theater that took place in a costume made out of only recycled material.

Now NIPÅ has collected some selected elements from the festival in Gallery NIPÅ on Storagatan 9. So that you have an opportunity to come and experience the impressions and aftertastethat the sustainable festival gave us this year.

The exhibition opens on September 7th, at. 14.30 and will be opened by Penni (9 years old) who also is the winner of the trash-art competition with her artwork "The Ghost". Penni will also receive her prize during the openings ceremony; an artwork made by the junkartist Johan Karlsson.


Ps. There are always face masks and hand sanitizer at NIPÅ, and the room is airy, so that you easily can keep distance from each other. We follow and adapt to the current recommendations.

When? The exhibition is open September 7th - October 10th. And two saturdays September 12th and 29th at 11-14.
Where? Galleri NIPÅ, Storagatan 9, Mariehamn

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