HållbART - livemusic, DJ and sustainability

Nordens institut på Åland arrangerar musikfest hållbART

In August, ReGeneration2030 will be held in Mariehamn - a summit for young people with a focus on sustainability! The Nordic Institute in Åland will contribute to this with culture in the form of a music festival with the name "hållbART". The name of the festival is a swedish word which means "sustainability". The musicfestival will be a supplement to the summit itself where art, culture and sustainability goes hand in hand.

We hope that this musicfest will be enable inspiration and dialogues on the theme sustainability development. We belive that art, culture and music can inspire as a meeting place for dialogues about how we together can create a future where we can all flourish. Furthermore we hope that the musicfest can help to create synergies, curiosity and build the framework for the annual youth summit ReGeneration2030.

All participating artists are also offered to present their work with sustainability.

HållbARTs program will consist of various shows between 20.30 and 23.30, where we (among other things) get to enjoy live music, a good DJ, and also take part of sustainability dialogues, and much more. When we write this text, the program is still under final construction, but we can already now proudly present that we have Moddi as an artist at HållbART.

A few years ago Moddi visited Åland with his legendary Unsongs concert. In September he releases his new album. ”- For five years I have sung other people's songs. Now it's finally my own turn again. This autumn, the album Like in 1968, will be released which focuses on hope in a time that seems hopeless in so many ways.” says Moddi.

Read more about Moddi.

Read more about hos Moddi belives in making music that makes a difference in the world.

Where and when? Stadshusbacken, Mariehamn, August 24th

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