Picture of Hanna Kivioja - in a dance performance at the Nordic Institute on Åland on Open Stage 2022

Here and now

Hanna Kivioja in a contemporary dance

This modern dance performance is created in collaboration with the audience! They can participate in the performance by deciding certain parts, e.g. if the dancer is allowed to see or talk, determine a character or mood. The show is presented completely according to the audience's rules! After the performance, the audience will also participate in a discussion about the experience of being part of creating a dance performance.

The aim of the performance is in a down-to-earth and understandable way to deepen the public's understanding and interest in dance as an art form and as opportunities for expression.

The performance "Here and now!" shows how the dancer can use intuition and the flow of consciousness as a tool and use this to create dance from the rules given by the audience. The act also creates an understanding of how different technical and theatrical parts and choices affect the performance and how we experience and interpret what we see.

The creative process of the performance uses the method called Authentic movement. It is an improvisation method that explores the connection between the dancer's inner world and movement, where one is interested in the dancer as a person. The choreography continues on the selection and the development of the movements created in the process. In the performance itself, both pre-choreographed sections as well as improvised parts will be used. It enables a strong presence and element of surprise in the situation. The audience shares the moment with the dancer by witnessing her moment and experience. Kivioja has used the method in his previous solo projects “Tiellä” (2015) and “Wavelength” (2021).

Previous artistic activity

Hanna Kivioja is an experienced dance artist who has worked versatile in dance both abroad and domestically. She graduated as a dancer in 2000 from the London Contemporary Dance School and worked as a dance artist in the United States from 2000 to 2009 with many contemporary dance groups and choreographers and received recognition from critics for her work. Kivioja was a dancer for Julian Barnett, among others, and danced in the acclaimed production 'Sound Memory' (Danspace Project, NY), which was chosen as one of the best dance works of the year ('Best of 2009' for Dance) by Time Out New York. Kivioja has also worked as an assistant to choreographer Deborah Goffe in the multi-artistic Scapegoat Garden performance group and as a dance educator at the Harford Conservatory of Music and the internationally renowned Capezio Peridance Dance Center (NYC).

After returning to Finland, Kivioja has participated in e.g. in Satu Tuomisto's work and Joona Halonen's "Worry Doll" production, (Arctic Dance Circle), and toured Finland, Norway and Sweden and performed and taught at the project's events. Hanna has worked with Finland's oldest dance theater, Dansteater Raatikko, in their various projects in the Helsinki metropolitan area and participated in Raatikko's multi-year production ‘Olenko Olento’ (I am a creature) and performed and taught in high schools throughout Finland.

As an educator, Kivioja has been sought after throughout Finland and has taught both choreography and dance courses at various levels of education, including for dance professionals such as the dance group at the Helsinki City Theater. Kivioja has for many years been chairman of Tanssille ry, which supports professional dancers. In Åland, Kivioja works as a teacher in dance and fitness courses and as an expert on the Dance and Music for All festival organized by the Åland Provincial Government, which is part of Åland's 100th anniversary cultural offer.

In Åland, Kivioja works as a dance artist and teacher in dance, yoga and fitness courses. During the summer of 2021, Kivioja created the performance “Wavelength” for Åland's Art Museum, which was shown during the Culture Night with support from Jomala Municipality's cultural contribution. During the current school year, Kivioja will tour "Wavelength" in primary schools around mainland Åland in collaboration with the Åland Music Institute. In the spring, the collaboration continues in the form of workshops where children and young people can create their own choreography. Kivioja has acted as an expert during the planning of the "Dance and Music for All" festival organized by Åland's provincial government and will be part of Åland's 100th anniversary cultural offer in February 2022. Kivioja will perform at the festival with her choreography "On the road ”. In the spring of 2022, Kivioja will present its latest work "Here and now!" as part of the Nordic Institute on Åland's Open Stage concept.

Where? Nordic Institute on Åland, Storgatan 9, Mariehamn
When? 18.3, kl. 18.00
Free admission, no advance booking, limited number of places

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