Poetry concert with Peter Hägerstrand and Badhusepoken

100 years of poetry history in newly written music

Peter Hägerstrand and Badhusepoken

For just over a year, the music maker and artist Peter Hägerstrand has made a deep dive into Ålandic poetry. The intention has been to compose and arrange a selection of poems into a musical whole. A small taste of the music was already given during the Nordic Literature Week's soiree during the winter of 2021. And NOW will have the opportunity to experience the complete concert and all these new songs in their entirety live on Alandica.

In 2021, Peter Hägerstrand was nominated for the Nordic Council's Music Prize - an honorary nomination and we will definitely see and hear very exciting things from him in the future. For the work of composing the poems, he received a work scholarship from Åland's cultural delegation.

The selection of poems in the concert reflects a society in development. The earliest poem is from 1927 and one of the newer ones is only a few years old. The poems are personal, but they also have something specifically Ålandic about them. By extension, a composition of pieces of music is formed here that reflects Åland, a Åland of the past, a Åland of today, the feelings for Åland and an Åland in relation to the rest of the world. The different subjects and objects of the poems are as wide-ranging as the background and approaches of the authors and men. The listener gets to hear, among other things, A day a life (Georg Kåhre), Night (Katarina Gäddnäs) Amber (Cecilia Dahlström), Lullaby (Joel Pettersson), Five years later (Mikaela Nyman) m.m.

The musical setting is of course based on Peter's specific tonal language.

” - It is melodic playful but also challenging. From whispers to roars.” says Peter.

Peter's work with film and theater music is heard in the music. It is sometimes atmospheric and hypnotic to turn into pure and simple pop in the next moment. The music is both acoustic and electronic and various sound effects contribute to the cinematic-theatrical setting.

To help him on stage, Peter has the band Badhusepoken and guest artists. They are united in a playful and sensitive relationship to the music. The choir Singoalla from ÅMI (Åland music institute) will also participate during the concert.

The concert has been named "I am another now", a line of text that is included in Carina Karlsson's poem "It shines in the windows", and expresses exactly what the project entailed - to let the poetry be reborn in another form. An artistic expression that gives birth to another. A music meeting with historical wings. The musical experience will also be supplemented with a visuality to enhance the experience of the audience and viewers. Several art and expression forms meet, interpret and convey the lyrics, and bring the poems to life again, in a new format.

About Peter Hägerstrand

Peter Hägerstrand is a composer and musician. Born and raised on Åland. Versatile since his public debut in 1979. Peter has played and toured and released records with a variety of orchestras. In recent years, there have been a number of critically acclaimed records in their own name. In addition to working in the service of rock, Peter has worked a lot with music for film, television and theater. Can be mentioned the film filmed in Åland Lärjungen which was Finland's official Oscar candidate in 2014. As a theater composer, Peter's music has been heard on both national stages in Finland and also at the Royal Dramatic Theater in Sweden. In 2017, Peter Sallysalminen was awarded the prize and in 2021 he was nominated for the Nordic Council Music Prize. In the autumn of 2022, the English-language project STRAND will also make its debut on Presence Records. Read more about Peter Hägerstrand here.

About Badhusepoken (the Badhus era)

Curt Quarnström is one of the pioneers of pop music on Åland and in Finland. From being a pop idol in the Hitch Hikers, life has continued in the spirit of music and he is today a hotly sought after bassist. Guy “Kantorn” Karlsson we have all encountered in some context. He provides musical framing for life's crucial moments; baptism, wedding, funeral or why not when he whips us all to hysteria as the leader of the Taxman down at the pub. Despite his young years, Markus Helander is perhaps the most renowned of all in the band. He has appeared on more than 30 recorded albums and played drums in many parts of the world. Macke has just returned from a tour with Lill Lindfors.

The audience is promised surprises and a magical evening. A piece of musical history on Åland.

When? May 20th, at 19.00
Where? Alandica Kultur och kongress, auditoriet
Tickets? 27 euros. Tickets are booked at
Alandica kultur och kongress

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