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Jack & Jack in Young Nordic Stars

The Nordic Institute has the pleasure of presenting two talented teenagers from the Åland Islands who will tour around Denmark, Finland, Greenland and Åland with Swinging Europe's Young Nordic Stars project - Jack Hancock and Jack Sundström! With the help of the project, these young musicians will have the opportunity to experience life as a touring artist and at the same time build on their Nordic music network.

The band to tour will consist of 13 young musicians from Denmark, Finland, Åland and Greenland. They will meet in Denmark on July 26th and start with a three-day studyperiod led by Kenneth Dahl Knudsen. Together they will practise for the Nordic summertour in Denmark, Åland and Finland in 2019. They will also go to Greenland at the beginning of next year.

- "It's actually a pretty funny story how we got into this," says Jack Hancock. We were rehearsing with our jazzband and then someone just steps into the room and everyone stops playing.” It was the representative of the Nordic Institute in Åland that stepped into the room, and who before that had been outside and listened to their jam session. -"Then we were asked if we would be interested in going on a tour this summer for 10 days in different Nordic countries." Jack and Jack did not hesitate for a long time and said yes to the proposal.

-"The exercises have not started yet," continues Jack. But I prepare myself the best way I can, by listening alot to music. The project starts with a few days of study when we together will study the songs, learn the chords etc. The fourth day it is then time for the first concert. It will be so fun!"

Concert in Mariehamn during the night of culture

The Young Nordic Stars-band has a concert every day that they do not travel during the 10-day tour, that also will conclude with a concert in Mariehamn on 9th of August during "Kulturnatten" (culture night). We will then hear Jack and Jack play. Which instruments they are assigned is still unclear, but they are very good at piano and drums.

The concerts in the project will vary in shape, so that the musicians gain practical experience of the various challenges that a professional musician can experience. For example, settings of instruments, room possibilities in relation to acoustics, presence and the interaction with the band members and the audience.

Musical talent development

The project aims to create a platform for innovative musical talent development across linguistic and national boundaries. The goal is that Nordic youth will experience greater interaction with other young people who are interested in music - and they are encouraged to speak Nordic on the tour, not English. -"Hopefully I will learn a little Greenlandic. But now I just look forward to all of this. ”Jack says with a smile on his lips.

Culture Night 9.8

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