KÖKART festival 2018

KÖKART Festival 2018

Welcome to KÖKART festival 20-25.8 2018, Kökar, Åland

KÖKART festival 2018 is a contemporary music and culture festival in one of the most exotic spots in the Ålandic archipelago. It is not only the most scenic and beautiful festival in this part of the world, it is also aiming to innovate future cultural mindsets for all of you who care about climate, sustainability, migration and the essence of life!

The combo of urban lifestyle and the space and room for opportunities in the Ålandic archipelago, are a unique place for us, to offer you and the rest of the world as an innovative “out of your comfort zone experience” with workshops, nordic food, art and of course music! Divided into 2 festival forms, the festival starts with 3 days of workshops and ending with 2 days of concerts. That means that you actually have the chance of spending 5 days at KÖKART festival. Of course you can choose just the music part of the festival if that is what you are craving for.

The festival theme is the 4 elements earth, air, water and fire and we promise that these elements are very present during your stay on Kökar - a small archipelago island southeast of main island of Åland.

Tickets and program

Visit kokartfestival.ax for tickets and festival program.

KÖKART festival is powered by NIPÅ in cooperation with the local Kökar community with support by Emmaus Åland, Zebra bil and funded by Nordic Culture Point and Nordic Culture Fund.

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