Dano Django

Kulturkarnevalen: Streetart/Graffiti

Try the streetart at the Cultural Carnival with Dano Django

As long as man has gone on two legs, we have wanted to print and leave memories behind us, we have carved into stone caves, painted in caves, and rescued monuments of different kinds, and modern graffiti is actually exactly the same. This lab will give the opportunity to try to paint in large format and together we will create works consisting of our "tags" (signatures) and our "dots", the focus is on playfulness and not so much on technology. It will also include a short snack on graffiti history and the evolution of illegal vandalism to art at fine museums.

Lab leader: Dano Django (Daniel Wilhelmsson)
Bring: Suitable clothes
Place for: 12 pcs
Registration: Kulturkarnevalen.fi

About Dano Django

Dano is an artist from Falköping, Sweden, where he, along with other artists, runs Rizoma Galleri - a gallery and creative meeting place with exhibition space and studio. Dano has worked as an artist for several years and has blah. painted murals in Falköping, Gothenburg, London UK, and in Queretaro - Mexico.

About the Cultural Carnival

The Cultural Carnival is an annual recurrent event for school youths from grades 7-9, folk high schools, colleges, vocational schools and Swedish language bath classes. The Cultural Carnival 2018 will be held on November 8-11 in Mariehamn. Carnival is organized for the 16th time and it is the first time the carnival is on Åland.
During the carnival, advance announcements take part in a sk. lab (workshop). In addition to labs, different evening programs are offered. The end of the weekend culminates in a carnival festival with shows and exhibitions. Read more at Kulturkarnevalen.fi

Streetart with Dano Django is the Nordic Institute on Åland's contribution to the Cultural Carnival 2018


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