What laws would you like to change in Åland?

Nordens institut på Åland - Lawshifters

- How would your judgment be in a court case?
- What laws would you like to change in your country?
This is questions to be asked in the socio-artistic project Law Shifters which will come to Åland August 26 th - 30th.

The Nordic Institute offers Law Shifters workshops for a group of interested young people in collaboration with UMÅ. In this matter young people get the opportunity to both test and judge and legislature, when they take on proper court cases.

The whole project aims to the creation of new bills or corrections to existing laws that are prepared together with a local lawyer. The youths' bills and corrections are then printed on posters that will hang around in Åland and at the Art Museum in Nuuk in Greenland during the art festival Nuuk Nordisk 2019. In Nuuk, they are accompanied by Greenlandic children and young people's bills and corrections, and in the same exhibition there are also an interactive "law machine" for visitors to use. In Nuuk they have chosen to highlight specifically Greenland and Åland together, as these are both self-governing areas in the Nordic region. The aim is in the future to take this exhibition to Åland and develop the project with several workshops here.

Stine Marie Jacobsen is the initiator of Law Shifters, a project she has run for 5 years in several different places in the world. It is also she, in close cooperation with the local lawyer, who pulls the workshops within the framework of the project.

- "The Law Shifters project causes young people to discuss their political attitudes, ethical views and sense of justice as they re-judge real lawsuits and write new bills that reflect the reality that they are part of today." says Stine Marie Jacobsen.

Read more about Law Shifters here.

More about Stine Marie Jacobsen and her work can be found here.

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