Peter Sundström

Lecture/workshop: Peter Sundström

Bodies and other landscapes - a non-perfect exhibition

"Watercolor painting is like life, changeable. Lots of defeats, failures and adversities, while full of joy, hope and beauty. Contradictory feelings united in an image, or a life. "

Lecture and workshop

Friday, October 12, Peter Sundström holds a lecture and workshop on the Handicamp in Mariehamn. The theme is the same as for the exhibition; "Bodies and other landscapes". You choose whether to participate in the lecture or in both lectures and workshops. During the lecture, Peter talks about himself, his handicap and his art. During the workshop, participants will get to know and see how Peter works as an artist and also try on watercolor painting under his leadership.

The workshop presents Peter as follows: In my workshop, I want to enthusiastize the participants, make you dare to try watercolor painting and not be afraid to fail. Let the water and color control the painting and hang on on the exciting journey towards success ... or disaster ... But do not give up but paint on. Painting watercolor is quite easy. To succeed is difficult.

Friday, October 12th
Kl. 9-10 Breakfast and lecture
Kl. 10-12 Workshop
Location: Ålands Handicap Association, Skarpansvägen 30, Mariehamn

Åland Handicap Association offers breakfast
NOTE! Registration is closed. 

About Peter Sundström

Peter Sundström is an illustrator, graphic designer, artist and guest teacher from Luleå. Educated at Sunderby Art School and Bergh's School of Communication. "I'm also neurotoxic, but it's no hurdle" - Peter Sundström.

In cooperation with the Ålands handikappförbund


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