Picture from the opera Lisbeta, that the Nordic Institute one Åland will stream

The opera Lisbeta

A witch you shall not let live

A newly written modern opera about misogyny and superstition. A crow's laugh echoes across Sund on Åland, when the pastor and the new district chief chase the population up in fear of the unknown. Soon, seven women will be executed for a new crime: associating with the devil.

"Lisbeta - a witch you shall not let live" is a opera where women in the 17th century who were accused of witchcraft, took power over the logic of hate rhetoric. For Åland's self-government's 100th anniversary, Kulturföreningen Katrina is presenting this newly written modern opera and the Nordic Institute on Åland (NIPÅ) is very pleased to be able to be a partner in this and assist in livestreaming one of the performances. This means that this fantastic story can reach people beyond Åland's borders.

Lisbeta Skarp from Persnäs

Karin Persdotter from Emkarby 

Maria Nilsdotter from Emkarby

Ebba Hindrichszon from Finby

Anna Bengtzdotter from Högbolstad

Ingeborg Olsdotter from Västansunda

Margreta Mårtensdotter from Norrby

Executed for the crimes the men of power fantasized together. Unjust, feared, notorious for witchcraft.

In the roles:

  • Sofie Asplund
  • Philip Björkqvist
  • Dan Karlström
  • Jenny Carlstedt
  • Therese Karlsson
  • Aarne Pelkonen
  • Veli Kujala

Music: Karólína Eiríksdóttir
Libretto: Carina Karlsson and Ida Kronholm
Conductor: Anna-Maria Helsing
Choir conductor: Pipsa Juslin
Director: Ida Kronholm
Choreography: Soledad Howe
Set design: Maria Antman
Costume: Matilda Karlström
Mask: Emelie Eriksson
Lighting design: Mari Agge
Repeater: Dmitri Tyapkin
Producer: Barbro Sundback
Finance manager: Rosi Djupsund

When? July 17th, 19.00
Where? nipalive.ax and IP-TV channel 65

Please note that the world premiere of the opera is on July 15th at Alandica Kultur & Kongress, Åland. Tickets can be purchased via alandica.ax 

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