kirsten thorup

Literature Days : Kirsten Thorup (DK)

In conversation with the Nordic Council Literature Prize winner 2017 Kirsten Thorup

In connection with Mariehamn's Literature Days 2018, NIPÅ invites you to a conversation with the Danish author Kirsten Thorup.

Thorup received in 2017, the Nordic Council's prestigious award in the literature category for her novel "Erindring om kærligheden". The novel is about unconditional complex love between a mother and daughter, yet it goes into a deeper plan and portrays relationships between all people.

Thorup has written in all genres, but primarily the author has released a series of deep, exemplary current and socially engaging novels, with which she has put a personal touch to recent Danish literature.

Kirsten Thorup participates in Mariehamn's Literature Days on 
Saturday 17 March at City Library at 12.45
The conversation is led by Ulrika Lind.

Free entrancé!

The event is a collaboration with Mariehamn's Literature Days 2018.

Picture by Lærke Posselt

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