Maritime lectures

Maritime lectures

In connection with the exhibition "Changes on the Nordic Shores", a lecture evening will be arranged with a maritime focus by four different interesting lecturers. An evening that will provide different perspectives on the changes many people experience around the Nordic shores.

Lecture: "35 years of election research in Northern Norway"

Tiu Similä
Finnish Marine biologist, researcher, based in Norway

Changes in humans relationship to whales and man-made changes in whales' environment. What does the future hold?

Lecture: ”Seagrass beds

Christoffer Boström
Associate Professor, Head of Subject, Åbo Akademi University, Environmental and Marine Biology

Seagrass beds from a biological, management and artistic perspective.

Lecture: Six decades of basic, applied and experimental water research at Husö Biological Station, Åland: to learn about the environment, to help decision-making.

Tony Cederberg
Amanuens, Åbo Akademi, Husö biological station

Lecture: Harbour porpoise and ringed seal in Åland and the Archipelago Sea

Olli Loisa
Äldre specialist, Åbo yrkeshögskola

A lecture about the less known marine mammal species of the Baltic Sea, the harbour porpoise and the ringed seal. The lecture will focus on the ongoing monitoring and conservation efforts of these species in Åland and Archipelago Sea area.
(Please note that this is the only english part of the lectures, the rest of the lectures will be held in swedish) 


A warm welcome to take part in this exciting evening at the Nordic Institute on Åland.

No entry, limited number of places.

When? September 10th, at 18.00-20.00 
Where? Nordic institute on Åland, Storagatan 9, Mariehamn


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