Musical theater live; Tomorrow I travel, in collaboration with the Nordic Institute on Åland

Musical theater live at a cinema!

Tomorrow I travel

Imorgon reser jag / Huomenna minä lähden 

Newly written musical about a young Finnish woman in happy 20th century America. It will be swinging, fun, romantic and exciting. Everything you need for an unforgettable theater night!

Like thousands of others in the 1920s, young Hilda, from Finland, takes the boat over to America to seek happiness. The small Finnish colony is prepared to make sacrifices and to stand up for each other, but some also set the hook for each other and act in their own interests. Hilda is one of those who appreciates working hard, something that quickly brings results, but also arouses envy in those around her. We get to follow Hilda's life in exuberant joy and through heartbreakingly beautiful love. But is true American happiness too much to ask for someone like Hilda? Does man change when the environment changes - is it the case that even Hilda is not the same person anymore since she stepped ashore with her light luggage, there on the dock in America?

The script and direction is by the well-known director and actor Kari Heiskanen, who has written this big musical especially for the Kuopio Stadsteater. From there, the performance is broadcast live directly to different cinema halls and similar locations. The music is written by Mika Paasivaara and in the lead roles we see popular Reeta-Leena Vestman and Mikko Rantaniva.

The performance is performed in Finnish and subtitled in Swedish and Finnish. Perfect experience for those who want to practice their Finnish in a cultural context!

Screenplay/Director: Kari Heiskanen, Kompositör: Mika Paasivaara, Scenografi: Antti Mattila, Kostym: Jaana Aro, Ljusdesign: Lassi Kröger, Ljuddesign: Timo Pönni, Projiceringar: Jarmo Jääskeläinen

Participating: Reeta Vestman, Mikka Rantaniva, Lina Patrikainen, Mikko Paananen, Ilkka Pentti, Katri-Maria Peltola, Atte Antikainen, Ari-Kyösti Seppo, Lotta Vattovaara, Markus Petsalo, Ritva Grönberg, Sari Happonen

Where? Åland Maritime Museum, Hamngatan 2, Mariehamn

What? Theater musical live

When? 29.10, at 18.00.

The performance is estimated to last 2 hours and 30 minutes.
The broadcast is a collaboration between Kuopio Stadsteater, Riksteatern and Folkets Hus & Parks.

Tickets? 10 euros adult, 5 euros children (under 18). Tickets are bought at the Åland Maritime Museum on the day of the show, just before the start.

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