Nordisk Nøj – concert for kindergarten children

NIPÅ invites kindergarten children to the children's concert "Nordisk Nøj" with the musicians Lone Wernblad and Bergur Fonsdal. The concert is focused on kindergarten children aged 4-6 years. During the concert, the children hear, get to know and sing along in Danish, Norwegian and Swedish children's songs.

When: Friday May 17 at 9.30

Where: The theater hall in Alandica, Strandgatan 33, Mariehamn.
(Entrance to the basement floor, to the left of the main entrance.)

Concert length and seats: 1 h, 50 seats

Target group: Kindergarten children aged 4-6

Registration of interest for the concert

During the period of the 1st to 14th of April, there was here online the opportunity to sign up if you wanted apply for your kindergarten group. The application is now unfortunately closed and we are giving personal feedback to everyone who is registered via each registred contactperson, with information on whether or not they have been given the opportunity for this.

The concert has 50 seats and if the interest is greater than that, NIPÅ makes a selection among those who have submitted an application for interest. The choice will then be based on getting as large a geographical spread as possible. We contact anyone who has submitted an application for interest under week 16.

About the concert

Lone Wernblad has toured with the concert together with various musicians since 2016. At present, more than 3,000 children in different parts of the Nordic region have been involved in Nordic News. The goal of the concert is to give children the opportunity to learn about the Nordic languages, landscapes and cultural similarities and differences. One of the songs performed during the concert, Ens i Nord, has helped 120 children to create.

The concert has been a great success among the children who have already taken part of it.

Read more about Nordic News here.


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