Nordic Institute - two Åland contributions in Nuuk Nordisk

Contributions from Åland in the Nuuk Nordic festival in Greenland

Soon it is time for the big Nuuk Nordic festival in Greenland and from Åland we have two different acts in the event.


In August, some of Åland's young people, in collaboration with UMÅ, got to participate in Law Shifter's workshops with artist Stine Marie Jacobsen at NIPÅ. Stine traveled from Åland to Greenland where she held similar workshops for children and young people in September. Young people's input to and work on laws and legal cases has since then been processed by lawyers and from this new legislative proposals and amendments have been produced. These will be published as an exhibition on larger posters around the Greenlandic streets and also around Åland.

The project has been a collaboration between NIPÅ, the Art Museum in Nuuk and the artist Stine Marie Jacobsen. The Art Museum in Nuuk also shows Law Shifter's "law machine" 14.9.2019-29.3.2020, where museum visitors can write their own legislative proposals as part of the project. Some of the legislative proposals that come into the machine will be translated into legal text by lawyers and law students and become posters that will also be seen in the street scene in Greenland during the exhibition period. 


Birdpeople has thier roots in Åland; Amanda Blomqvist, Cecilia Wickstöm and Jakob Lavonius. They play electronic indiepop and experiment with new instruments and soundeffects in their music. It is the sound of hope, love, loss, outstretched nerves, cosmic feelings, lurking branches and cities that are wasted. With their music tehy create an intense pulse and will certainly help to lift Nuuk Nordisk to a fantastic musical level.

Here you can read more about Nuuk Nordisk and the entire program!

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