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Open Stage

Time to apply now!

The Nordic Institute on Åland (NIPÅ) would like to give a gift to Åland 100 during the anniversary year 2021-2022. And we do that best, by giving more opportunities for culture! That is why we now would like to present the concept "Open Stage". An arrangement where cultural actors with smaller sets, for small groups, get an opportunity to carry out their projects without costs. Apply before 30.4.2021 if you want to be one of those who are given the opportunity!

The concept means that NIPÅ gives premises and spaces to some selected cultural actors, who otherwise might not have the opportunity to perform their works or projects. We provide:

  • a stage carpet, approx. 2.5 * 5 m
  • possibility of 30 seats audience
  • a simpler lighting solution with removable spotlights
  • a simpler sound solution, comprising a few microphones, six channels, PA system
  • two speakers
  • a piano is also on site
  • some movable walls that the actor can use as a backdrop or otherwise use scenographically
  • eight different podiums at different heights, which can be used scenographically or otherwise in the performance of the project

We think that it can be a set-up that perhaps suits especially smaller cultural actors where you e.g. want to arrange a poetry evening, a lecture, a small theater, readings, music evenings, author talks, or somthing like that, on a smaller scale.

In addition to premises and technology, NIPÅ will also be responsible for communicating to the selected actors:

  • a separate landing page in the cultural calendar on for each selected project to be displayed in Open Stage
    (however, the actor is responsible for delivering text and image)
  • if necessary, NIPÅ can also arrange registration forms in connection with the landing page - if, for example, advance or seat booking for the current event is needed.
  • a event on NIPÅ's facebook page
  • some digital communication in NIPÅ's social media channels

In this way, we hope that the selected actors do not themselves have to worry about high marketing costs but can focus on the creative content and performance.

The concept NIPÅ Öppen Scen will be our gift to Åland 100, and we hope that this will be an initiative that can highlight the small odd events that might not otherwise happen. We believe that there are many smaller players with exciting concepts who cannot invest because they simply cannot afford premises rent, technology and marketing. There are so many fine cultural entrepreneurs on Åland, so many enthusiasts, who we hope will take the opportunity and seek this opportunity.

You do not have to be a professional artist to apply, and we especially encourage young people to apply.

How do I apply?

Here at, from 24.3.2021, there is an application form where you can apply for a place with your specific project. The deadline for applications is 30.4. Please note that the deadline for applying was April 30th.

It is not difficult to apply. Briefly describe your project and who you are, and it is an advantage (though not a requirement) if you can present in what way your project is connected to the Nordic region - in content, performance, concept, thought or participants. When we say the Nordic region, we mean all the eight areas, i.e. incl. the autonomous territories; The Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Åland.

The projects that are selected will be announced no later than 14.5 and must be presented in the period 25.10-5.11.2021, in agreement with NIPÅ. If you have other or specific requests regarding the date of construction, this must be stated in your application.

We hope to be able to livestream some of the events at Öppen Scen on

If desired, it is also possible to sell tickets or program sheets. Each accepted participant receives a fee of 150 euros / person. If any ticket revenue exceeds the agreed amount, the participant will receive 50% of the ticket revenue surplus.



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