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Poporkestern Åland

Replay of favorites!

NIPÅ has produced several digital concerts during the Covid era. Now we will, on request, send some replays of favorites! Every Friday during the month of May we will be able to show you a favorite concert at NIPÅs facebookpage and on IP-TV channel 65. 

The poporchestra Åland delivers music that is a sort of musical soap opera! Absolutely wonderful for anyone who has any relationship to, or thoughts about, Åland. The pop orchestra Åland plays warm, captivating pop songs that form a web of stories with recurring characters in recognizable environments.

The songs tell the story of Marja-Leena, the waitress at Pub Ettan, the loner Disco-Tommy at Kino, the mysterious internet anchor at Njutaregränd and the Tuesday party Mari, just to name a few. This was a self-written concert for the replay-series.

The music is self-written and has its harmonious home somewhere on the outskirts of Lars Winnerbäck and Bo Kasper's orchestra. At the beginning of the year, the band was placed high on Vegatoppen for several weeks with "Mysteriet på Njutaregränd" from the album "Balladen om Marja-Leena och Johan P". 

The frontman Michael Hancock is the main composer of the music and lyrics and has in his past a career as a soap opera writer in Stockholm. He has been a full-time Ålander for 20 years and works as a reporter for the newspaper Nya Åland.

The pop band Åland gathers the cream of domestic music life: behind the drums are Markus Helander (with a background in the Sibelius Academy), Jochum Juslin at (Father Macenzie / What Club) and Robert Zetterquist, a multi-instrumentalist (folk music group Skrömta and others). Other members are Kristian Karlå (keyboard), Alexander Lindberg (percussion, drums) and the choir members Inger Vannan and Birgitta Livén.

Where? Nordic institute facebook and IP-TV channel 65
When? May 28th, 20.00
Artist? Poporkestern Åland

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