Close-up of Camilla Heidenberg before the concert The Red Rose, which is being tightened by the Nordic Institute on Åland

The red rose

A performance about violence in relationships

The Red Rose is a concert performance where Camilla Heidenberg stands alone on stage for the first time as a musician, composer, singer, actor and screenwriter.

This will be a intimate performance that sheds light on violence in close relationships. The psychological processes behind and how to make oneself free.

Camilla builds the music on stage by using various instruments and a looper.

" – This is the most personal and perhaps the biggest and most important thing I have done in my life so far. I hope I can shed light on the psychology behind violence in close relationships and how to get out. I invite the audience to follow my emotional journey and to afterwards hopefully feel strengthened, informed and enlightened that we can tackle this as a society, to put an end to this secret plague. Dare to put the cards on the table." says Camilla Heidenberg.

The recording will take place on February 18th at 19.00 at Alandica for a smaller audience. Tickets were sold out pretty quickly for the show at Alandica, but we want to suggest that you can STILL enjoy this concert show, for free on and IP-TV channel 65 on February 19th at 20.00.

The lyrics are in Swedish and English, and Åsa Nybo is the director.

What? Concert performance with Camilla Heidenberg
Where? Alandica and
When? Concert at Alandica 18th of February 19.00-20.15, streamed at on the 19th of February, 20.00-21.15.

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