Sankt Annæ Juniormandskor (DK) concert

Sankt Annæ Gymnasium's Juniors Choir is a choir consisting of 20 young male singers from Sankt Annæ Gymnasium, Copenhagen's song school.

Most of them have gone to school since the third grade when they came in through admission tests. The aim of the admission tests was to find boys who could sing in Copenhagen's boy choir at Copenhagen Cathedral, the Church of Our Lady (Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir). The boys have received singing and listening instruction, had driving hours and participated in worship services, opera performances, CD recordings and, not least, concerts and tours both at home and abroad. Their repertoire has been the great classic choir repertoire for mixed choir, where their soprano and alto parts have been supplemented by the man choir's tenors and bass parts.

But the boy's voices don't last forever. When the AGMs do not hold, the boys in Copenhagen quit, but continue to receive tuition, then with a focus on the new men's meeting. The junior choir is transformed every year when new singers come along and old ones end. Most stay for one to two years. After that, many continue to the boy choir's men's choir, the high school choir or the high school's chamber choir.

On the Danish music scene, both the classic and the rhythmic, there are many singers who started their singing life in Copenhagen's boys' choir and later in the men's choir.

The junior choir singer goes in 8 and 9 class and is 14-16 years old. Their repertoire ranges from Danish romances, folk songs from the Nordic countries and England, to evergreens and barbershop, arranged especially for them.

The concert on March 27 offers various elements with jazz, danish culture, humor, barbershop but also some parts with more traditional choir singing. It will be a beautiful concert where both choir and audience are guaranteed a smile on their lips!

The choir is led by Karen-Maria Baun and Kim Glies Nandfred.

Concert at S:t Görans Kyrka March 27 th, 7 pm

Program at the door, 10 €

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