Picture of Caroline Furbacken before her digital livestream on nipalive.ax

A small box of joy

Caroline Furbacken has picked up her guitar and started creating music again. The music will be released this autumn, but already in the beginning of September it will be possible to hear the artist live at this concert at Bio Savoy. The concert will be streamed so that everyone can have the opportunity to enjoy. Listening to Caroline's music is like opening a small box of joy.

After many years of a pause in songwriting, Caroline Furbacken now longs to touch and be touched by the music again. Her clear voice has a soothing warmth and with personal lyrics and lovely grooves, she often gives the listener with a smile on her face.

Guitarist Jochum Juslin, bassist Victor Furbacken and drummer Markus Helander, together with Caroline on stage, creates soft and captivating pop music and for those who comes to the concert on the 3rd of September, great joy of playing and a high cosiness factor is promised!

Sit back and let yourself be carried away by the musical joy and community!

When? September 3rd, 20:00
Where? Bio Savoy. Ticket at the door.
The concert will be livestreamed on NIPÅs facebook page and can be seen live at Bio Savoy.
Tickets? 10 €. Tickets can be purchased from 19.00 at the door, cash payment.

Artist? Caroline Furbacken

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