The culture night at NIPÅ 2022

Speedevent during the Culture Night

During the Culture Night on the 12th of August, you can experience a cultural speed event!

A couple of the exhibiting artists will be on site in the exhibition "4 temperaments" on Storagatan 9, to tell about their art in a speed event. The exhibition is curated by Galleri Skarpans and you can read more about the exhibition here, where the four artists Olivia Dansdotter Sarling, Anette Gustafsson, Johan Karlsson and Jonas Wilén exhibit together.

You as a visitor will also during the evening enjoy lovely piano music by Olha Dmytrenko. Olha is 20 years old and fled Ukraine a few months ago. She was born and raised in the city of Vasylkiv, near Kyiv.

” I am Olha Dmytrenko, 20 y.o. I was born and grew up in the town of Vasylkiv, near Kyiv. I graduated from a music school there and later entered the National Pedagogical University and graduated this year. As for plans for the future, I prefer not to build them, but simply to go through life without fear that something could destroy them. I don't know how long I will stay in Åland and in Finland as a whole, but I can already say that they have already taken a prominent place in my heart.”, says Olha.

Olha's sensitive piano music is worth experiencing. Every ton is taken with strong empathy.

A warm welcome to the culture night!

When? 12.8, kl. 17
Where? Nordic Institute on Åland, Storagatan 9

Free - no entry, just a warm welcome.

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