Sturla Eide at October 2nd

Sturla Eide - high-class Norwegian folk music

It was 10 years since Sturla Eide released his own songs, but now he is up to date again with his own material. The Nordic Institute on Åland (NIPÅ) is very pleased to present this live concert from Øra Studio with fantastically talented Norwegian musicians. NIPÅ strives to present a rich range of Nordic culture, with great variety and breadth. And now it's finally time for Norwegian folk music.

Sturla Eide comes from Orkdal in Trøndelag and has since 1997 recorded over 25 self-composed songs and released no less than 11 albums. In addition to playing traditional music and teaching new generations how to play, Sturla is a versatile musician who has worked with a number of different musicians and participated in more than 25 records of various kinds; from pop and rock with Gåte and Dipsomaniacs to folk music and country with Hans Rotmo and Sie Gubba, who are perhaps is best known in Norway. This is not something that many Norwegian traditional violinists can boast about.

He made his first album with Åsmund Svenkerud in 1997. Then he worked for over 10 years experimentally with the trio Flukt, (Øivind Farmen, Håvard Sterten and Sondre Meisfjord) and in the duo sturla | andreas together with the guitar guru Andreas Aase. Over time, there have been three solo albums, the last one was released in October 2019, after a slightly longer break. In addition to his own albums and songs, Sturla has also released three albums that collects 70 songs from his closest traditional sources. Recently, he has also released a method that can be used for training in traditional music.

For this concert, Sturla has made a summary of his career by collecting some of the most famous songs from years gone by. But he is also looking ahead by implementing some new songs.


  • Øystein Sandbukt - guitars
  • Ronny Kjøsen - keys and accordion
  • Magne Vestrum - contrabass
  • Eirik Rottem Eide - drums
  • Olav Luksengård Mjelva - violin and "hardingfele"

The concert is recorded in Øra Studio in May 2020.
Technology and mix: Jo Ranheim Kamera: Kristoffer Hylland Skogheim

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